Traffic Guide of Entering Tibet
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Traffic Guide of Entering Tibet

Update: Mar. 11th, 2013

The scenery on the way to Tibet

The beauty and mysterious culture of Tibet deeply attracts lots of people to visit, but Tibet region is characteristic of the complicated terrain and lack of oxygen. The traffic guide will remind and help you to find the safest way to enter Tibet.

Traffic Guide of Entering Tibet

Preparation before Tibet tour starts

1.Please check the safety performance of your car before Tibet tour starts and check again during the tour.

2.Pay attention to your physical condition. Please make sure you do not get a cold before entering Tibet, otherwise there would be many troubles.

3.Take some medicines for the high altitude sickness, the solid food, and clothes. Make sure that you have figure out the accidents as much as possible which may be happen during Tibet tour.

4.Get to know more about your itinerary and the road condition and pay attention to the climate and weather.

Notes of Tibet tour

1. In winter, the road is easily frozen in Tibet region. Please take care while you are driving. You are kindly suggested to drive slowly.

2. Do not brake suddenly while you are driving on the ice and snow road downwards. Otherwise the car may be out of your control. It is very dangerous.

3. Please do not heavily step on the gas while you are driving on the ice and snow road forwards. Otherwise the car may be backward sliding.

4. Do not brake or turn suddenly if there is an emergency in front of you, otherwise the unpredictable accidents may be happened.

5. Please immediately park your car in the flat ground if there is a snow slide. Do not park your car on the edge of the cliff, as the collapse may be happened there.

6. In summer, it is the golden time for many tourists to visit Tibet. But it is also the rainy season of Tibet. The natural disasters frequently happened along the way to Tibet. Therefore, you'd better get to know more about Tibet tour as much as possible.

7. Please prepare your rainproof tools such as raincoat, and umbrella before your journey starts in summer. In addition, you'd better take the steel wire rope and shovel, both of which are helpful if your car sink into the wallow or puddle.

8. Please do not try to cross the wallow or puddle straightly. It is dangerous and there are more troubles if you failed.

9. There may be some noise of your car tire while you are driving on the gravel road.

10. It is a little trackslip while you are driving pass by Qamdo Prefecture along the northern route of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, even though it is gravel road surface. Do not suddenly brake or turn on the way.

10. Please make sure you already take enough clothes to keep yourselves warm before your drive along Qinghai-Tibet Highway. There is strong wind, hailstone, heavy rain and snow on the way. Your companions are kindly suggested do not fall asleep while you are driving pass by the mountain pass which over 5000 meters high.

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