The Travel Guide of Mt. Kailash Pilgrim
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The Travel Guide of Mt. Kailash Pilgrim

Update: Dec. 4th, 2013


Located in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Mt. Kailash is the main peak of Gangdise Mountain Range and also acted as one of the beautiful famous mountains of China. It is 6721 meters high and situated in the north of Pulan County of Ngari Prefecture of Tibet. More than 250 glaciers and large numbers of water resource have flew through here, and some of which are the originations of the Ganges River, Indus River and Yarlung Zangbo River. Lots of devout Buddhist pilgrims will come here to pray and worship every year because Mt. Kailash is the pilgrim center of Tibet Buddhism, Hinduism and original Bon Sect.

The Travel Guide of Mt. Kailash

If Mt. Kailash is one of the destinations for you during Tibet tour, then you may interested in other nearby attractions. Actually Mt. Kailash is not only the religious center of followers, but also the popular natural scenery for most of tourists. Besides the Sacred Mountain - Mt. Kailash, there are some amazing river sightseeing such as Mapam Yungtso (Lake Manasarovar), Lake Rakshastal, and Namnani Peak. Both of Mt. Kailash and Mapam Yungtso are highly respected as the Sacred Mountain and Sacred Lake of Tibet. Moreover, the thawy snow water is the origination of Maquan River, Lion Spring River, Shangquan River, and Peacock River.

The Attraction Highlights of Mt. Kailash

Highly praised as the "Water Resource of the world" and "the World Center", Mt. Kailash is famous for the religious belief and beautiful natural scenery. Wherever you stand near the Mt. Kailash, you can photograph wonderful pictures of it as all the points of view are perfect. It is said that Sakyamuni was born in the horse year, so that lots of people will come in the same year. If they pray around Mt. Kailash once, they will get more merits and virtues than usual.

The Kora Routes Around Mt. Kailash

The 1st Day (20km, 7h): Tarchen (4560m) - 5km - Entrance - 6km - Qugu Monastery - 7 km - The 2nd courier station - 2km - Chire Monastery (4800m).

The 2nd Day (24km, 8h): Zhire Monastery - 3km - 2 km - Zhomala Mountain Pass (5700m) - 10 km - the 4th courier station - 9km - Zunzhu Monastery.

The 3rd Day (9km, 5h): Zunzhu Monastery - 6 km - Zongdui Exist - 3km - Tarchen.

Notes of Travel Guide of Mt. Kailash

You'd better bring some high calorie food such as chocolate and sausage as there is no shop store in the midway.

The accommodation nearby Mt. Kailash is very poor, and even some of the guest houses has no hot water or clean bedding articles.

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