Notes of Tibet Train Tours
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Notes of Tibet Train Tours

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Notes of Tibet Train Tours

Tourists who want to make a Tibet train tour should make a good preparation before boarding on the train. Generally, it takes dozens of hours to get to Lhasa from other domestic cities.

Notes of Tibet Train Tours – Altitude Sickness

Tourists planning a Tibet train tour are advised to prepare some necessities before boarding on the train. Some commonly used medicines should be prepared in case of need during the trip. Tibet Train Tours do leave tourists the chance to adapt to the high altitude gradually, but there is also a possibility to have some symptoms of altitude sickness. Tourists should ask for help from the steward or doctors on the train.

There oxygen supply is available after the train arriving in Golmud. Smoking is seriously banned between Golmud and Lhasa. The medical equipments are pretty limited and sometimes couldn' meet the needs of the passengers. Tourists who catch a serious altitude sickness should go to the formal hospitals directly after arriving in Lhasa.

Notes of Tibet Train Tours – Facilities on Tibet Trains

It should be noted that the food on the train are not so delicious and might be relatively expensive. Tourists make a Tibet train tour should prepare some solid food. Copy of your passport is required documents for purchasing a Tibet train ticket. As a professional Tibet operator, Tibet Tour provides ticket purchasing service for our guests.

There are also a certain number of tourists who just want to have an experience of the Tibet train and do not want to spend too long on the train. This kind of tourist is always advised to take Lanzhou, Xi'an or Xining as the transit city. It takes about or less than 24 hours to get to Lhasa by train. Besides, there are many choices for tourists since most of the trains to Lhasa would stop at Lanzhou, Xi'an and Xining. But it should be noted that the train ticket is really hard to get during the high season of Tibet tourism (especially in July and October).

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