Necessary Equipment for Chengdu Lhasa Tours
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Necessary Equipment for Chengdu Lhasa Tours

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Backpackers in Tibet

Chengdu is an important entry city of Lhasa tours. Many travelers would like to take train or flights to Lhasa from Chengdu. There is some necessary equipment for Chengdu Lhasa tours you should prepare in advance.

Necessary Equipments for Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Passport, Chinese Visa, Bank Card

The passport and Chinese Visa are necessary document for your Lhasa tours. You need to provide the scanned copy of passport and Chinese Visa for Tibet Travel Permit application.

In Lhasa, there are Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agriculture Bank of China and Postal Saving Bank of China. You can exchange RMB in these banks and the counter of some hotels.

Necessary Equipments for Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Wash Supplies

About wash supplies, the fewer is better. You are suggested to prepare toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, comb, soap, etc. Furthermore, you are highly suggested to take sun cream, sunglasses, hat and lipstick with you for the ultraviolet radiation in Lhasa is very strong.

Necessary Equipments for Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Medicine

When you have Chengdu Lhasa tours, you should pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold. The medicines of Rhodiolae (which are helpful for relieving high altitude sickness, gastrointestinal drugs), medicine for headache, radix isatidis, Bufferin, etc are necessary medicine for the tour.

Necessary Equipments for Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Camera

Camera is important equipment for the tour because there is beautiful scenery everywhere in Tibet. You are suggested to take large storage card for digital camera since the beautiful scenery along the way you really should not miss. Of course, please do not forget the battery. If you use rollfilm camera, you are suggested to buy the rollfilm in advance for the rollfilm in Lhasa is more expensive.

Necessary Equipments for Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Clothes and Shoes

If you have Chengdu Lhasa tours in winter, you are suggested to take down coat and wool sweater with you. About the coat, you can choose casual clothes, sports wear or mountain wear. About the shoes, you are suggested to choose the ankle-high mountaineering boots with hard sole which will not drop when you walk on muddy roads and can resist water and keep warm.

Necessary Equipments for Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Backpack

On the premises of enough, fewer backpacks will be better. In general, a 45L backpack is enough for a regular tour. If you want to do some outdoor activities or climb mountains, a big and a small backpack are enough.

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