Suggestions for Chengdu Lhasa Tours
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Suggestions for Chengdu Lhasa Tours

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Potala Palace

To have Lhasa tour must be the dream of many people. Then, Chengdu is an important entry city of Lhasa tours. If you are planning Chengdu Lhasa tours, the suggestions, including health care, necessary equipments, custom and taboo of Tibetan, transportation, shopping, best season, etc, will be useful.

Suggestions for Chengdu Lhasa Tours

Health Care

If you want to have Chengdu Lhasa tours, you are kindly suggested to do a physical examination in advance. People with diseases of heart and hypertention are not suitable to have Lhasa tours.

When you have Chengdu Lhasa tours, please stop smoking and drinking alcohol, avoid cold and respiratory infection which will aggravate high altitude sickness.

If you go to Tibet for the first time, please keep good mood, take good rest, drink more water and eat more vegetables.

In general, the high altitude sickness will be better or disappear in three to seven days, If appear serious symptoms, you can take some medicine of Rhodiolae which can relieve high altitude sickness. It will be helpful to take Rhodiolae for seven to ten days before going to Tibet.

During your time in Lhasa, please choose digestive foods with high heat. But, please do not eat too much to add the burden of digestive system and press the heart and lung. When you just reach plateau, you can take semireclining position when you sleep to decrease the burden of hart and lung.

Necessary Equipments

The necessary equipments for Chengdu Lhasa tours includes sunglasses, emergency medicine, sun cream, lipstick, training wear, thermal underclothes, travel shoes, rain gear and daily washing supplies. If you have Chengdu Lhasa tours in winter, you are suggested to prepare down coat.

When you take train or flight to Tibet, please pay attention to the vacuumized things. The toothpaste, sun cream and other things should not be too full, or it may spill over with the increase of air pressure.


In Tibet, there are some taboos you should pay attention to. Tibetans do not eat ass meat, horse meat and dog meat. Tibetans in some district also do not eat fish. When the host toast wine to your, you should first use the ring finger to dip a little wine and flick for three times which means worship heaven, earth and ancestors, and then take three sips. The host will fill the up for you after each sip. At the fourth time, you should drink it up. When drink butter tea, you should not take up the butter tea to drink before the host presenting to you. It is prohibited to spit and clap hands behind others. When you come across monastery, Mani Stone Mound, Buddhism pagoda and some other religious facilities, please walk in clockwise. It is prohibited that cross over instruments of Buddhism and fire basket. The prayer wheel can not be rotated in anticlockwise. Do not touch other's head.


You are suggested to buy Tibetan medicines in the state-operated drug store; you are suggested to be careful when you by the ornaments of Buddhism beads, dzi beads, calaite; Tibetan knife must be posted.


When you come across Lamas on the way, the best etiquette is to put your palms together devoutly and slightly bow your head. Please do not shake hands or hug with them. When you take with Lamas, please do not mention matters about killing and marriage. When you visit monastery, please do not speak in loud sound and touch religious articles. If come across religious activity, please stay and watch quietly or quietly leave.

Cash Exchange

In Tibet, you can draw cash from Bank of China. Foreign travelers can exchange RMB in the China Bank of Lhasa on the Beijing West Road or the counter of some hotels.

Best Season to Tibet

In general, the best season to have Lhasa tours is from April to October. In fact, it is very suitable to have Lhasa tours in winter when you can more freely enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lhasa since fewer travelers in this season.

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