Famous Scenic Spots in Nyingchi
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Famous Scenic Spots in Nyingchi

Update: Jul. 29th, 2013

Niyang River View

Tourists who've visited Nyingchi are always impressed by its beautiful natural scenery which is quite different from the other regions on Tibet Plateau. Compared to the other prefectures in Tibet, Nyingchi enjoys a much lower altitude. Nyingchi is widely known as the Switzerland on Tibet Plateau for its breathtaking natural landscapes in different seasons. The amazing snow-capped mountains and primitive forests attract a large number of visitors from different corners of the world. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to list the most famous scenic spots in Nyingchi for tourists' reference.

Famous Scenic Spots in Nyingchi – Baksumtso Lake

Baksumtso Lake, means green water in Tibetan, is widely known as the holy lake of Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Except for the devout pilgrims, a large number of tourists both at home and abroad would like to pay a visit to Baksumtso Lake to enjoy the picturesque natural scenery composed of snow-capped mountains, green forests and beautiful lake. In addition, tourists especially interested in the Tibetan Buddhism culture could also pay a visit to the ancient monastery on Tashi Island in the center of the holy lake. It is recorded that this ancient monastery could be dated back to the end of Chinese Tang Dynasty.

Famous Scenic Spots in Nyingchi – Bayi Town

Bayi Town is the political and cultural center of Nyingchi Prefecture. It receives numerous visitors come to Nyingchi for sightseeing everyday. To promote the tourism development in Nyingchi and meet the demand of visitors, a series of service facilities have been constructed in Bayi Town. Currently, the 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels and guesthouses are available in Bayi Town. Tourists could choose the accommodation according to their own budget. Tourists making a Tibet tour to Nyingchi should note that the accommodation condition in Bayi Town is much better than the other regions in Nyingchi Prefecture. A lot of tourists being worried about the possible high altitude sickness on Tibet Plateau would like to spend few days in Bayi Town for acclimation before heading to the regions with higher altitude.

Famous Scenic Spots in Nyingchi – Niyang River

Niyang River is one of the largest tributary of Yarlung Zangbo River which is about 5000 meters above the sea level. Generally, tourists would be impressed by its jade green color at the very first sight. The dense forests on both banks of Niyang River provide enough oxygen in the air and tourists visiting here could breathe the fresh air freely.

Famous Scenic Spots in Nyingchi – Midui Glacier

Midui Glacier is located in Bome County. It attracts a large quantity of tourists both at home and abroad for it is quite close to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Midui Glacier is a typical oceanic glacier in south eastern Tibet. Its distinctive structures and shapes always make visitors here be reluctant to leave. Besides, the beautiful lake, crop field, Tibetan villages and forests composed a peaceful and idyllic picture with the glacier.

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