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Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Entertainment in Lhasa

Update: Nov. 6th, 2012

Tibetans in Guang Ming Sweet Tea House

There are several entertainment activities in Lhasa you should not miss in your Chengdu Lhasa tours, such as drinking sweet tea in the Guang Ming Tea House, having a sunshine bath, circumambulating and having fun in the bars of Lhasa.

Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Drink Sweet Tea in Guang Ming Teahouse

Just as drinking tea in Chengdu and visiting alleyways in Beijing, you should not miss the opportunity to drink sweet tea when have Lhasa tours. The Guang Ming Sweet Tea House on Tibetan Hospital Road is the gathering places of people with different status. Many information and news are released and spread there.

If you understand Tibetan language, you will get rich information by staying in the teahouse for one day. If you do not understand Tibetan language, you also can sit in the teahouse for the whole afternoon by buying a cup of sweet tea with 0.5 CNY. It is a good way to relax in Lhasa tours. The existence of sweet teahouses is to teach everyone how to enjoy life.

When you drink sweet tea in the teahouse, you can put some small change on the desk. When you drink up, the waiter will fill the cup for you and take 0.5 CNY. In general, there are Tibetan noodle on sale in sweet teahouses. You also can have a taste if you feel hungry.

Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Enjoy Sunshine

As a sunshine City, the annual sunshine in Lhasa can reach over 3000 hours. There is no doubt that Lhasa is the best place to enjoy sunshine in China. In Lhasa, there are many places suitable for enjoying sunshine, such as the Jokhang Temple Square with rich butter smell, the roof of hotel where can overlook the Potala Palace, the sunshine balcony of some bar, or the wooden wharf on the bank of Longwang (Dragon King) Lake. In a word, there is a place in Lhasa enable you to relax and enjoy sunshine.

Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Circumambulate

There are three circumambulations in Lhasa.

The first one is the passage around the main hall of Jokhang Temple which named "Langkhor". When circumambulate "Langkhor", pilgrims can use hand to rotate the prayer wheels. Travelers can not go to the "Langkhor" freely since it is in the Jokhang Temple.

The second one is named "Barkhor". It is about two kilometers long. The most bustling time of this circumambulation is morning and evening.

The third circumambulation is named "Linkhor" which is the main circumambulation of people in religious festivals. It will consume some energy to circumambulate this route since it is around downtown of Lhasa.

Hence, the most convenience and interesting is to circumambulate the "Barkhor". You will see many interesting Tibetans while circumambulating. If you feel tired on the way, you can sit down to have a rest or go into the alleyway near to you to drink a cup of Tibetan yoghurt.

Chengdu Lhasa Tours – Have Fun in Bars

The bars in Lhasa without stories, distinctive characteristics and cultural deposit almost can not maintain. In Lhasa, there are about 30 bars, including dinner bars and book bars. So, it will be a nice experience to find a suitable bar in Lhasa tours. Even though you do not like to have fun in bars, you should not miss the bars in Lhasa where is a good place to make new friends and charter vehicle.

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