Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Hand Ornaments and Foot Ornaments
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Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Hand Ornaments and Foot Ornaments

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Tibetan Shoes

There are various distinctive hand ornaments and foot ornaments in Tibetan custom. They are good tourism souvenirs for friends and relatives when you have Tibet tour.

Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Hand Ornaments

Tibetan hand ornaments mainly include bracelets and rings. The rings can be divided into golden and silver rings and gem and diamond rings. Of course, there are delicate made rings with materials of gold, silver and gem. In the past, men in Tibet often wear a ring on thumb. The materials for making this ring for thumb are various. It is recorded in documents of Qing Dynasty that Tibetan had the custom of wearing bone thumb ring in that period.

The materials of making bracelets are also various. Women in Tibet almost love wearing pairs of jade bracelets on left and right hands. Some noble women also wear gold bracelets.

Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Foot Ornaments

Tibetan shoes are important part of dress. But Tibetan shoes are with distinctive styles, beautiful colors and exquisitely made. They are delicate works of art themselves. In fact, Tibetan men's and women's shoes are kneeboots. The sole of this kind of boot is bout 2cm thick. And the height of boot is over than shank. The vamp of Tibetan boot is decorated by red and green woolen. There are lines and patterns on waist of boot.

Tibetan shoes can be divided into Songba Shoes and Garluo Shoes. There are several kinds of Songba Shoes. The one with higher degree is "Songbati Nima" which is delicately made. The "Songbati Nima" is only dressed in festivals and important days. The soles of Songba Shoes are made up of cow leather and tightly sewed with woolen threads. The soles of Songba Shoes can be over one cun thick. The upper of Songba Shoes are colorful. They are decorated with colorful flowers embroidered with red, yellow, green, blue and other colors of silk threads. The vamp which is embroidered with many colorful flowers looks very beautiful and bright. The upper of Tibetan Shoes are decorated by the waists which are made up of Pulu. The waist connects with vamp with red and green Tibetan wool. The colors of Tibetan shoes are perfectly matched. At the place of shoe's waist near to calf, there is a straight opening which is about ten centimeters. The soles of other kinds of Songba Shoes are made up of strings of ox hair. They are suitable to wear in warm seasons. There is other kind of Songba Shoes named "Songba Geduo" Shoes. The soles of this kind of shoes are covered by cow leather. Tibetans often wear this kind of shoes in winter.

Tibetans use cow leather to be the soles of Garluo Shoes, and three levels of Pulu to make the upper parts. The heels and toe caps of Garluo Shoes are sewed with black cow leather. The vamps of Garluo Shoes are decorated by black cow leather and gold threads. The Garluo Shoes are sturdy and beautiful. The Garluo Shoes feature in snubby toe caps. It looks like the front end of wooden boat. The upper of Garluo Shoes are made up of black Pulu and materials of apron.

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