Tibetan Custom – Men’s Wear of Luoba Nationality
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Tibetan Custom – Men’s Wear of Luoba Nationality

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013

Man of Luoba Nationality

The tribes of Luoba Nationality live in different districts of Luoyu. The climate, products and connection with outside world of each district are different. Hence, the custom of clothes and ornaments of different tribes of Luoba Nationality is different.

Tibetan Custom – Men's Wear in Bogar Tribe of Luoba Nationality

In the past, men in Bogar Tribe wear self-made wild ox skin, goatskin or Tibetan style Pulu robe inside and with a black jumper which was made up from goat's hair outside. The outer jumper was sewed with long and narrow Pulu. The four sides of the jumper are with same length. There is no collar on the jumper, but one opening at the seam. For the lower part of body, they do not wear clothes. They only tie a cloth to cover the body. Men in Bogar Tribe also wear a kind of round helmet which is made up of bear's skin and with a ring of bear's fur on the brim. This kind of helmet is very hard. It can protect head when hunting and fighting.

The way of making clothes in Bogar Tribe is very simple. The way of processing leather is to pave the skin and prop up with bamboo reeds to dry it. Then, use stone, shovel or knife to thin out and degrease the skin, or rub the skin on wood. After thinning out the skin, smear bear oil on the skin and dry it. After that, the skin can be used to make clothes. When making clothes, use knife to cut the skin and use bamboo needle to sew. In general, people of Bogar Tribe use twine or "Langdi" which was made up from fiber to sew, and use a kind of rattan peel named "Wuge" to sew leather.

Tibetan Custom – Men's Wear in Bengni Tribe and Bengru Tribe of Luoba Nationality

The upper garment of men in Bengni Tribe and Bengru Tribe is named "Nigar Aiji". It is two pieces of self-woven cloth in the shape of long blanket sewed up by bamboo needle. The length of the garment is two times of arm span, and the width is one time of arm span. When wear the garment, first drape the blanket on back, put the upper corner on right shoulder, and then wind the blanket from left arm to right arm and stop at the right chest and connects with the corner on right shoulder. Then, turn over the lower hem to the height of knee and fasten with bamboo sticks and tie a waistband.

The tribes of Luoba Nationality on Southern Luoyu often expose upper part of body due to hot weather and limitation of material condition. In general, they only wear simple short outer garment without collar and sleeves, and fasten a piece of cloth to cover lower part of body.

Most people of Luoba Nationality pay more attention to hat. In general, they wear various self-woven rattan hats and stick feather of pheasant or other animals on the hat. This kind of hat gives people handsome and charming feelings.

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