Tibetan Girl’s Adult Ceremony
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Tibetan Girl’s Adult Ceremony

Update: Jan. 28th, 2013

A Tibetan Girl

Tibetan Girl's Adult Ceremony – Brief Introduction

Tibetan is an ancient nationality living on the "roof of the world". Tibetans are good at singing and dancing. At the same time, they also pay much attention to etiquette and ceremony. They keep a series of ancient custom about every aspect of social life. For example, almost everyone in Tibet will hold adult ceremony. And ceremonies for boy and girl are different. But girl's adult ceremony is more popular in many districts.

Tibetan Girl's Adult Ceremony – Before Ceremony

In Tibet, the girl who is seventeen years old can hold adult ceremony. Then, the family will invite a Living Buddha or a Lama to divine a lucky day for holding the ceremony. On the day before adult ceremony, people will twist braids for the girl who will have adult ceremony (This girl is named "Wenma" by local people). The family will find a woman who is with suitable sign of born year with the girl and a happy family. The woman will twist 20 small braids on each side of the girl's head and twist a large braid in the middle. Then, tie blue Hada on ends of these braids and decorate these braids with white shells, agate and other headwear. It means that all of these things can bring good luck and happiness to this girl.

Tibetan Girl's Adult Ceremony – On Ceremony

On the day of adult ceremony, before dawn, the girl will sit on a white felt to listen to the chant to Lamas. Then, in the company of women, go out while singing the adult song and listen to the chant of Lamas. After that, the girl should kick away several small soil blocks in front of her, jump over a fire of small pieces of wood and go into the house. It means the girl can smoothly go through difficult periods in her life and get away from evil spirits.

After the girl coming into the house, there is the most hilarious part of this morning – "Grab Wenma". In this activity, the girl will be hid after women, and then men will go to grab her. At first, men will beg one by one. At last, all men will go together. Women will go to catch them. Once catch, women will pull men's ears and their Tibetan robes.

Tibetan important ceremonies almost are accompanied with songs and dances. So, the girl will go the main room in the family while singing adult song when playing "Grad Wenma". After coming into the main room, the girl will receive the blessing song of an old woman.

Tibetan Girl's Adult Ceremony – After Ceremony

After adult ceremony, the girl will go to worship monastery with three or four relatives and friends. After coming home, the family will entertain guests will banquet. After the adult ceremony, the girl can take part in social activities with men and hold wedding.

That's Tibetan girl's adult ceremony. But the ceremonies in different districts are different. And the rites in the ceremony also changed. The custom of holding adult ceremony is with rich and colorful cultural value. It is really worthy tapping and protecting.

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