Knowledge about Tea in Tibet
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Knowledge about Tea in Tibet

Update: Jan. 24th, 2013

Butter Tea

Knowledge about Tea in Tibet – Cook Tea

Tibetans almost use big tea and brick tea. When cook tea, first add cold water and moderate tea in pot and boil with the cover of pot. Then, slow boil it with low heat. The best tea water is in the color of brown, and taste puckery but do not bitter. There is a saying that "the tea without salt is very ordinary". In most districts of Tibet, they will add salt in the tea. This is pure tea, as well as the most common one.

There are several kinds of special ways to cook tea. The first one is to cook tea with Amomum tsao-ko, ginger flake and Zanthoxylum bungeanum. This kind of tea can cure cold and headache. It is also very tasty. The second kind is to cook tea with a kind of fried grass which is with medicine taste. This kind of tea has the function of curing cold and headache. The third kind of tea is to add fresh milk into boiled tea water. This kind of tea is with sweet taste. It can supply nutrients to human body. The fourth kind of tea is to add black sugar into tea water. This kind of tea is effective for puerperal. The most typical tea in Tibet is butter tea. It is the best drink on plateau. The tempting fragrance and smooth taste of butter tea not only get the favor of Tibetans, but also praised by many people who ever drunk it.

Knowledge about Tea in Tibet – Etiquette of Drinking Tea

Tibetan pays attention to etiquette and friendship. They also pay attention to the order of old and young, guest and host when drink tea. When drink tea, they will first toast tea to parents and elder members in the family. The bowl for drinking tea should be clean and complete. They will offer tea with two hands and take over tea with two hands. After drinking, they will fill up the bowl timely. When pour tea, they will take the tea pot with right hand, and the tea water should not spill out the bowl. When invite monks to chant scriptures or do religious activities, Tibetan families will buy special tea set for monks. When visit friends and relatives, tea is necessary gift. When guest come into the house, host should first present tea to guests. When contract a marriage, the bridegroom should take tea to express stable emotion and beautiful life. In some districts of Tibet, the bride will cook tea for parents and relatives once come into the family. When worship monasteries, tea is also necessary thing. Hence, Tibetans think that "there is tea, there is happiness". At the same time, there is some etiquette about tea in Tibet.

Knowledge about Tea in Tibet – Difference of Tea Bowl

Based on record, Zanpo invited workmen in Han Nationality to make six kinds of bowls after the custom of drinking tea introduced into Tibet. These six kinds of tea were divided into three levels. They are respectively painted with bird holding tea in mouth, fish and deer. Based on ancient traditions, Tibetans still use porcelain bowls to drink tea. The top grade is with yellow bottom and patterns of dragon and phoenix, lotus seat with eight petals and tiger. This kind of bowl is used by Living Buddha and eminent monk. In general, elderly, guests will use the bowl with blue bottom. In addition, there are wooden bowls with beautiful patterns and shapes. Some of wooden bowls are also decorated with silver products. Because wooden bowl is very practical and convenient for carrying, it gets the favor of Tibetans.

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