Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Women’s Ornaments
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Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Women’s Ornaments

Update: Jan. 16th, 2013

Tibetan Women

Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Women's Necklace

Tibetan women are fond of wearing various colorful ornaments on neck. These ornaments include various necklaces which are stringed with fossil of ancient seashells (it is named "Si"), necklaces which are stringed with colorful pearls, fossil of seashells, turquoise and other things, as well as some other long and short ornaments which are made up of bone, jewelry and wax pellet. On these necklaces, there is an exquisite small metal box in the middle part. This small metal box is named "Garwu"

Garwu is in a variety of shapes. In general, it is made up of silver or cooper. The surface of the box is inlayed with agate and turquoise, and carved with various patterns. In Garwu, there is statue of Buddha or Living Buddha, the supernatural being of Lamas or amulet, etc. The Garwu changed from Buddha box. Now, it has become necessary important ornament of Tibetan women. Tibetan women think that wearing Garwu can protect them.

Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Women's Waist Ornaments

Tibetan women are fond of wearing waist ornaments too. Tibetan women's waist ornaments almost are metal and leather products in the shape of strip, as well as single or several silver chains with jewelry on it. One side of waist ornament is tied on waist, while the other side hangs key, bell, ear picker and other things. Tibetan women's waist ornaments are carved with patterns of petals of lotus flower, peacock, deer, the Eight Auspicious Symbols and hollowed-out patterns which mean auspicious and safe.

Xueji, also named "milk hook" or "Xiao Sang", is favorite ornament of women in Northern Tibet. It was the hook on milking pail. Later, it gradually became practical and decorative ornament. The shape of Xueji looks like small iron anchor. It is about 0.3 meters long. It is made up of silver. It is inlayed with turquoise and agate and carved with various patterns. Tibetan women in pasturing area will wear it no matter at home or going out. They will tie it on waist and hang in front of left belly. Since Xueji is developing toward the function of decoration, the handicraft of Xueji becomes more exquisite.

Tibetan Custom – Tibetan Women's Religious Ornaments

Rosary is Tibetan women's necessary religious ornament. Each rosary is stringed with 108 beads with a line. It can be hung on neck or rolled up on wrist. Among Tibetan farmers and herdsmen who believe in Tibetan Buddhism, both men and women, old and young will wear the amulet of Buddha statue, scripture or "relic pellet". Tibetan will put the amulet in exquisite Buddha box, precious woolen or leather bag and hang on waist or neck to get blessed at any time and get away from disaster. At the same time, this kind of amulet is also become a special ornament with rich Tibetan characteristics.

Tibetan women's ornaments, such as necklaces, waist ornaments and religious ornaments are with distinctive Tibetan characteristic. When you have Tibet tour, they are suitable tourism souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

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