Tibetan Bon Sect Culture
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Tibetan Bon Sect Culture

Update: Jan. 9th, 2013

Bon Sect

Bon Sect is the generic terms of Tibetan primitive culture. It was formed at the end of the primitive society of Tibet nation. Before the introduction of Buddhism, Bon Sect culture is the major belief in Tibet region. It is a long, age-old and profound history of the formation and development of Bon Sect. It has been promoted by different national culture nearby Tibet region and later on acted as a compound culture. It finally formed Tibetan primitive culture in life altitude, belief and concept, architectural art, medicine and astronomy.

Tibetan Bon Sect Culture – Belief

Bon Sect was a kind of belief characteristic of the knowledge of the world. The development the process is divided into 3 parts. The first part refers to a type of the witchcraft which was connected to the deity, the devil and the ordinary people. Later on it has been combined into the ideological system of Bon Sect. The second part was the promotion of the first part, which has absorbed many advanced thinking of different religions in Shangxong (Ngari of Tibet), Kashmir, Persia, and India, etc. Then the advanced thinking became the religious doctrine, formal ritual and religious organization of Bon Set. In the 7th century, Bon Sect has been suppressed by Tubo Dynasty. Due to be survived in the different religions in Tibet region, Bon Sect started innovated and finally influenced by Buddhism, which was characteristic of Buddhism Bon Sect.

Therefore the belief of Bon Sect was one of the important parts of Tibet traditional ideological system.

Tibetan Bon Sect Culture – Literature Books

Most of the literature books have been included into the Bon Tibetan Tripitaka which could be regarded as the general book of Bon Sect. The content of Bon Tibetan Tripitake is much influenced by Buddhist thought, but also features the unique spirit of Bon Sect itself.

Tibetan Bon Sect Culture – Architecture

The architecture of Bon Sect is one of the most important parts of Tibetan traditional architecture features. The architecture of Bon Sect was originally influenced and developed from the primitive altar in Tibet region. The altar was usually built in the Tibetan tent and made of stones and rocks. After the development of Bon Sect during Tubo Dynasty, the buildings which called ashram have been constructed. At that time, the ashram was originally acted as the place for witchcraft showing. When Bon Sect was promoted later, Bon Sect Monasteries have been constructed instead of simple ashram, which was the important base of Bon Sect cultural heritage. Some of the Bon Sect monasteries have been survived and succeeded still now such as Goxang Monaster, and Kwangbop Temple, etc.

Tibetan Bon Sect Culture – Art

The art of Bon Sect mainly included the painting and sacred dancing. During the festival of Bon Sect, the sacred dancing will be showed by witches. The painting was usually related to people's daily life such as highland barley seedlings. Another famous painting of Bon Sect is Thangka and mural, both of which are showed in the Bon Sect monasteries.

Tibetan Bon Sect Culture – Medicine

The medicine system of Bon Sect has already been created in BC 6 century. It was characteristic of internal therapy and external therapy. Both of which were the origination of traditional Tibetan medicine system.

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