Tibetan Culture – Ornaments of Luoba Nationality
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Tibetan Culture – Ornaments of Luoba Nationality

Update: Jan. 7th, 2013

People of Luoba Nationality with Special Ornaments

The ornaments of Luoba Nationality are with various categories. There are ornaments for almost every part of human body. Based on body part, the ornaments of Luoba Nationality can be divided into headwear, sautoir, earring, waist decoration products, nose decoration products, etc.

Tibetan Culture – Headwear of Luoba Nationality

Headwear of different tribes of Luoba Nationality is different. In some tribes, the headwear of men and women is also different. The men in Axing Tribe wear long hair. They only bob hair from forehead to ears to the same level of eyebrows, and hang down other hair loosely behind shoulder. Women will comb hair on forehead to back of head and twist braids into a bun. Then, use pearls of agate to decorate.

The ornaments of men and women in Ximeng Tribe, Kake Tribe, Mingrong Tribe are same. That is bob the hair from the place where is about 2.5 cm above ears, leaving the cover of head top.

Both man and women in Bengni Tribe wear long hair. Man twists a large bun in the shape of conch at the forehead, and stick cross a pegwood or bamboo slip on the bun. The headwear of man in Bengru Tribe is similar with man in Bengni Tribe. But the strong and brave people of Bengru Tribe will wind several wickers around the bun. The man in Abadaneng Tribe is to wear up a bun in front of head top, and stick cross a bamboo stick or silver stick which is about 30cm long on the bun. The women in Bengni Tribe and Bengru Tribe twist hair to braids and wear to bun, and tie a red and blue string. But some women also hang down on shoulders and wear a kind of ornament named "Mani' on the head. That's winding strings of colorful pearls on head.

Both women and men in Bogar Tribe wear long air. The hair on forehead is at the same level of eyebrows, and other hair hangs down on shoulders and after neck.

Tibetan Culture – Earring of Luoba Nationality

Many men and women in Luoba Nationality wear earrings. The women in Bogar Tribe wear vine earrings which are made up of "Yanba" vine. The men in Abadaneng Tribe hang two or three circle vine rings or golden earrings on two ears. The women are with large hole on earlobe. They can wear a large earring and several small earrings at the same time. Both men and women in Bengni Tribe wear large earrings. The silver earring is named "Along", and tin earring is named "Riji". The people of Burui Tribe wear string of pearls, vine earrings or metal earrings. The women and youth in Degen Tribe wear the earrings which are made up of hair of deer.

People in the tribes on south of Luoyu District often wear exquisite earrings. In Axing Tribe, the earring is small. There is a pedestal with three gems on the fore-end of pearl. Under the pedestal, there are several strings of pearls. This kind of earring is very precious.

Tibetan Culture – Nose Decoration Products of Luoba Nationality

Some tribes of Luoba Nationality have the custom of wearing nose decoration products. The people of Dengni Tribe have the custom of boring a hole on each wing of nose to wear metal nose rings. Woman of Dengni Tribe also have the habit of boring holes on two sides of nasal tip, and fill it with small wooden stick or wear a small iron ring. The custom of wearing nose ring is not very popular in Luoba Nationality.

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