Tibetan Clothes Culture
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Tibetan Clothes Culture

Update: Jun. 18th, 2012

Tibetan Clothes Culture

The unearthed cultural relics related to Tibetan clothes indicate that the aboriginals on Tibet Plateau had superior appreciation of beauty since ancient times. The precious decorations which could be dated back to 4000-5000 years ago indicated that the Tibetan clothes culture could also be dated to that ancient age.

Tibetan Clothes Culture – Culture Exchange durintg Tubo Kingdom Period

Tibetan clothes culture was greatly developed during the Tubo Kingdom Period. It is reported that the clothes of the tsanpo are different from those of the common civilians. Difference between clothes wear by people from different social levels appeared. During the reign of Sontsen Gampo, Tubo culture developed rapidly, so as the Tibetan clothes culture. The murals recorded the history of that period indicated the difference between the clothes of the king and his ministers.

The nobles of the Tubo Kingdom Period wear pretty luxury Tibetan clothes and they would also decorate their servers with good clothes while entertaining their guests. It is also recorded that the clothes of Singtsen Gampo were influenced by the Persia clothe style and that means there were deep culture exchange between the ancient Tubo Kingdom and Persia Kingdom.

It is recorded that Prince Wencheng of Chinese Tang Dynasty brought a lot of clothes into Tibet when she married Sontsen Gampo. Since then the Tibetan clothes culture started to be influenced by the clothes style of Han people. Besides, Princess Wencheng also introduced the breeding of silk worms and textile industry to Tibet. These introductions greatly promoted the development of Tibetan clothes culture.

Tibetan Clothes Culture – Clothes Difference in Different Tibetan Regions

Tubo Kingdom was a military empire. It conquered and integrated the nationalities around Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during its development process. It well explained the cultural difference between different regions in Tibet. Hence, there are some different characteristics in the Tibetan clothes culture in difference regions and those differences are very obvious between Tibetan regions in different provinces. The Tibetans in Tibetan zones in Qinghai Province and Sichuan Province wear pretty different clothes.

Besides, the hairstyle and decorations also vary in different Tibetan regions. These local characteristics are well preserved with the development of history and had formed their stylish Tibetan clothes culture.

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