Colorful Tibetan Custom
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Colorful Tibetan Custom

Update: Dec. 26th, 2012

Shoton Festival

Tibetan who is good at singing and dancing created colorful national culture and art. No matter clothes or architecture, festival or custom, the things in Tibet are full of fresh snowland civilization. Jus as the special geography location of Tibet, the custom of Tibetan is also distinctive. Travelers who are interested in human photography can glut their eyes and get what they want in Tibet.

Colorful Tibetan Custom – Shoton Festival

The Shoton Festival in summer is just like the carnival of the whole Tibet. People from everywhere will gather in Lhasa to enjoy the grand and sacred Buddha Exhibition in Drepung Monastery and to fully enjoy picnic and Tibetan Opera in Norbu Lingka. During the Shoton Festival, all streets and alleys of Lhasa are full of happy atmosphere. Travelers and Tibetans will enjoy this annual grand carnival together.

Colorful Tibetan Custom – Tibetan New Year Festival

Winter is not the high season of Tibet tour. There are fewer travelers in this season. Hence, Tibetan New Year Festival in winter is relatively quieter than other festivals. If you have Tibet tour in this season, you can stay away from turbulent crowd. It is easier to photograph clean and clear photos in this season.

Colorful Tibetan Custom – Horse Racing Festival

The Horse Racing Festival which is held in midsummer attracts Tibetans with festival costume come. It is a happy grassland sports meeting, as well as the feast of Tibetan custom. The most famous Horse Racing Festival in Tibet is Damxung Horse Racing Festival and Nagqu Horse Racing Festival. In the Horse Racing Festivals, Tibetan herdsmen will wear festival costumes, and Tibetan women will dress up themselves. You will see red agate, turquoise, Tibetan silver products and other ornaments. The festival is like Tibetan fashion show. At this time, photographers can use their cameras to record every beautiful scene.

Colorful Tibetan Custom – Wangkor Festival

Just as Horse Racing Festival, the Wangkor Festival in Lhasa, Shigatse and Shannan also attract various travelers. In the period before harvesting mature barley, Tibetans in these prefectures will hold high the image of Buddha, chant scripture and blow religious bugle to thank the good climate God gave them in the year. It is a good festival to celebrate harvest. Tibetans will wear colorful Tibetan robes, tie colorful ribbons on waists and respectfully hold the harvest tower which is made up of barley tassels and with white Hada on the tower top. The scene of celebration is very hilarious. After strolling over the barley fields, Tibetans will hold entertainment activities on the square, such as performances of Tibetan Opera, performances of song and dances, horse race, shooting, tug-of-war, etc. The rich custom materials are gathering there. Each detail can be a beautiful picture.

When you visit the Barkhor Street which is the center of Lhasa, you will see various travelers, Tibetans and Lamas. You will find many interesting aspects of Tibetan custom from their daily life. The Tibetans who are prostrating, the eternal smoke of Weisang, imperishable Butter Lantern, flowing crowds decorate Lhasa as a big market with rich Tibetan characteristics. You may find the most charming Tibetan custom through your camera.

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