10 Necessary Equipments of Tibet Tour
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10 Necessary Equipments of Tibet Tour

Update: Jun. 21st, 2012

10 Necessary Equipments of Tibet Tour

For the special natural environment and climate on Tibet Plateau, tourists planning to do a Tibet tour are required to make a good preparation before enter into Tibet. There are many articles about the notes, tips and preparations about Tibet tour on the internet. As an experienced Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to introduce 10 necessary equipments of Tibet tour for tourists' reference. Unnecessary problems would be avoided if you make the preparation as the list.

Backpack: the "less" the better

In the premise of be sufficient, tourists are highly advised to bring backpacks as lees as you can. Generally, a backpack under 45 liters would be capable to deal with all the needs during the journey. If you want to do some trekking activities in the wild, you should just bring a larger backpack and a smaller one, or it will be too arduous for you.

Clothes: the "warmer" the better

Down jacket and warm sweat shirt should be the necessaries as there is a big temperature difference between day and night on Tibet Plateau. Please note that the night is very cold though it would be a little hot during the daytime under the strong sunshine. If you are planning to do some mountaineering or trekking activities during the Tibet tour, perspired underwear should be prepared. The sweat would take away your heat rapidly during the moving and that would be very dangerous for you. Besides, June to September is the rainy season of Tibet; waterproof equipments should be prepared during this season.

Other 7 Necessary Equipments of Tibet Tour

Sleeping Bag: tourists are highly advised to prepare a warm sleeping bag. It would be very helpful for your Tibet tour since it would ensure you a good sleep during the journey. It would be just as big as a big cola bottle after you compressed it.

Portable Shoes: a pair of portable shoes is very important for a trip, especially for a trip in Tibet. Shoes with hard soles and high uppers would be your best choice for this kind of shoes would protect your feet from the coldness and muddy roads.

Sunglasses: the strong sunshine radiation and snow reflection on Tibet Plateau might do great harm to your eyes. Hence, a pair of sunglasses with good quality would be very helpful.

Sun-blocking cream: your skin might be too weak under the thin air, strong sunshine in Tibet. The sun-blocking cream would protect your skin from the possible harm.

Water Bottle: though Tibet Tour would provide our tourists a bottle of potable water everyday, tourists should also prepare a water bottle in case of need during the trip. The water bottle is very necessary for tourists planning to trek in the wild for several days.

Map and Compass: the map and compass would point you the right way if you are lost in the wild while trekking among mountains.

Oxygen Supplier: take an oxygen supplier with you will save you out of the danger if you catch a serious altitude sickness. As a professional Tibet tour operator, we would always prepare the oxygen supplier for our tourist in case of need.

Commonly Used Medicines: bring some commonly used medicines with you might help you to cure temperate sickness during the trip.

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