Profound Culture of Monasteries
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Profound Culture of Monasteries

Update: Dec. 21st, 2012

Samye Monastery

There are both original forest scenery and profound Tibetan culture in Tibet. In Tibet, there are over 1700 monasteries and places of holding religious activities. The famous monasteries, such as Tashihunpo Monastery, Samye Monastery and Palkhor Monastery will provide you an opportunity to enjoy the profound culture of Tibetan monasteries.

Profound Culture of Monasteries – Palkhor Monastery

Palkhor Monastery is located in Gynatse. It is a monastery with several sects. It is with large scale and distinctive construction style. Now, there is a large amount of Buddha statues, fresco, Buddhism scripture and other precious historical relics with beautiful appearance and vivid image treasured in the large scripture hall of Palkhor Monastery. They have special status in the history of Tibetan culture and art. In addition, the other feature of Palkhor Monastery is that there is pagoda in monastery and monastery in pagoda. The pagoda and monastery perfectly set off each other. The buildings of Palkhor Monastery fully symbolize the typical monastery buildings style in end of 13th century to middle of 15th century. It is also the unique building complex which is well protected monastery and pagoda and with the characteristics of memorial monument. It is valuable for researching aesthetic standards and history, economy, culture at that time.

Profound Culture of Monasteries – Tashihunpo Monastery

Tashihunpo Monastery is located in Shigatse. There are about ten halls with fresco on the wall in the monastery. In addition, there are soultowers of Pachen Lamas in history. The soultowers are with silver cover and colorful jewelry. The Buddha statues, Tangka and embroideries become important date and testimony of history for researching Tibetan history and friendship between Han Nationality and Tibetan. Comparing with Potala Palace, Tashihunpo Monastery has similar connotation of religious and culture, and different construction style. The highest part of Tashihunpo Monastery is about 30 meters. The layout of buildings of Tashihunpo Monastery is rigorous. The roof of the hall is covered by distinctive golden roof. The whole buildings of Tashihunpo Monastery almost are well protected.

Profound Culture of Monasteries – Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery is located in Shannan Prefecture. It ahs over one thousand years since from it was built us. It has the construction features of Han, Tibetan and Indian. The well-know fresco in Samye Monastery is famous for wide materials, rich content and exquisite techniques. You can find fresco almost on the walls of every big and small scripture halls, winding corridors. Among these frescos, the most famous is the "Painting of Tibetan History" which is as long as 92 meters. It tells the effect of religion to Tibet and ancient legends. The Samye Monastery treasures the relics of history, religion, construction, fresco and sculptures in different period after Tubo Kingdom. It is one of the treasuries of Tibetan ancient culture.

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