Palkhor Monastery
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Palkhor Monastery

Update: Jan. 7th, 2013

Palkhor Monastery

Palkhor Monastery is located in Gyangze County, Shigatse Prefecture. It was built in early 15th century and has been listed as a state key protective cultural relic. Palkhor Monastery is highly respected by the followers of Sakya Sect, Gedang Sect and Gelug Sect.

Palkhor Monastery - Brief Introduction

Palkhor Monastery is about 230 kilometers away from Lhasa. It is 3000 meters above the sea level. The construction of the monastery started in 1427, the second year of the Xuande Period during the regime of Emperor Mingxuan in Ming Dynasty. It was completed in 1437.

Palkhor means lucky and auspicious in Tibetan. Palkhor Monastery was listed as a cultural relic under state key protection for its long history, well-preserved architectures and religious value. It is also noted for its exquisite murals and Buddhism statues.

Palkhor Monastery has been one of the most famous scenic spots in Shigatse Prefecture area. It was built during the common development period of Sakya, Gelug and Gedang. Each of the tree sects has its assemblies in Palhkor Monastery. Hence, Palhkor Monastery has special status and influence in the history of Tibetan Buddhism.

Palkhor Monastery - Architecture

Palkhor Monastery is a typical Tibetan Buddhism architecture which integrated the architectural style of stupa and temple. The stupas and the temples integrated harmony and add more charm to each other. The architectures in Palkhor Monastery represented the typical style of the monasteries in Shigatse Prefecture area between 13th century and 15th century.

The Coqen Hall in Palkhor Monastery has a history of about 500 years. There are different styles of Buddhism statues in the hall, among which the most special one is the statue of the Maitreya. The bronze statue of the Maitreya is 8 meters tall and said to be manufactured with 14000 kilograms of brass.

The three-storey Coqen Hall is supported by 48 pillars at the ground floor. There are ancient Thangkas with Buddhism figures hanging on the pillars. There are also other special Buddhism statues stored in Palkhor Monastery, including the statue of the Manjusri and the statue of the Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha.

Palkhor Monastery - Bodhi Stupa

The Palkhor Stupa in Palkhor Monastery is famous both in China and abroad. It is also named Bodhi Stupa. It is a nine-storey pagoda with a height of 32 meters. There are 77 assembly halls, 108 doors, shrines and chanting halls in the stupa. There are also about 1000 Buddhism statues manufactured with mud, bronze and gold.

Palkhor Stupa is praised as museum of Buddhism statues since a large quantity of Buddhism statues are stored here. Palkhor Stupa adds more charm to Palkhor Monastery. Tourists could climb to the top of the stupa through the stairs up to the top. Some of the stairs couldn't be found easily.

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