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Tibet Tour from Singapore - Singapore Cuisine

Update: Nov. 6th, 2012


Tibet tour from Singapore are highly suggested to taste local dishes in Singapore, as well as in Lhasa Tibet. In my opinion, one of the most joyful in the journey is eating. Try different types of food in different places, try different flavor with different people, both of which are exciting to me, or you. We could live without much money, we could enjoy party without very beautiful clothes, we could laugh without girlfriend or boyfriend, what if without eating while traveling? Without delicious food in the journey, there is nothing more I can even get. Do you agree with me? If so, the listed Singapore cuisine information could be helpful to you.

Tibet Tour from Singapore - Singapore Dishes

Ranging from the traditional rice noodle soup to hamburgers and American beefsteak, Singapore provides the best multicultural cuisine. Many tourists including me and you are attracted to visit Singapore because itself the famous international food flavor.

The local Singapore cuisine has heavy Malay, British, Chinese and Indian flavors. After a long history, Chinese cuisine like fishball noodles, Yusheng, India cuisine such as Tandoori, Dosai, as well as Malay cuisine like Laksa, Satay have been integrated themselves with traditional cuisine of Singapore.

Tibet Tour from Singapore - Top 10 Multicultural Cuisine in Singapore

As mentioned above, nowadays the multicultural dishes have been integrated into Singaporean's life. These are the top ten dishes I recommend you, should you never miss them when you are in Singapore. These delicious Singaporean dishes can be found at any hawker and food center on the island. So, tourists of Tibet tour from Singapore, why don't you have a try with them and then taste new flavor in Lhasa Tibet. It may make you become a new gourmet.

Bak Kut Teh - tea from Pork Ribs and Assorted Herbs. Is it sounding greasy? Of course it is. Is it tasting greasy? Of course not. Well, why try yourself before Tibet tour starts.

Carrot Cake - Savory Egg and Radish Treat (Carrot Not Included). There is absolutely no carrots including - the main ingredient is grated white radish, combined with rice flour and water then steamed into cakes. You'll see till you see it.

Char Kway Teow - Noodles Done by an Expert. It is a kind of noodle dish, yes, but it is very difficult to be made - the ingredient needs dark soy sauce, Chinese sausage, prawns, cockles, and sliced fish cake, etc. How can you miss it?

Chili Crab - Best Eaten with your Hands. It is the most famous dish, in Singapore, which is said that you will be truly enjoy it till you dive in with your bare hands. As for the ingredient, you can find it yourself.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - A Pale Slice of Heaven. It is rice, but I love it because the rice dish is served with ginger mash, chili lime sauce, and sweet black soy sauce.

Satay - Barbecue Asian Style. Well, everybody knowns it and I am sure some of you love it very much.

Laksa - Noodle Dish in Curry. Noodles again. Chongqing people or who like to eating spicy food would deeply love it. Challenge yourself.

Fish Head Curry - A Delicious Reward for the Adventurous. Fish is my favourite. I do not eat chicken, I do not eat duck, I do not eat other animals, except fish and pork. Poor fish and pig. Would you like to try it?

Roti Prata - Flat Bread Treat from India. I would like to have them in the morning or the afternoon. What about your habit?

Rojak - Medley of Flavor. It is a crisp, savory fruit salad combined from cucumber, banana flower, bean sprouts, fritters, pineapple, and mango (and much more besides). It is a kind of salad but may not the one you eat usually.

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