Tibet Tour from Kathmandu – Brief Introduction of Kathmandu
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Tibet Tour from Kathmandu – Brief Introduction of Kathmandu

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu - Brief Introduction of Kathmandu

Kathmandu is located in Kathmandu Valley and is surrounded by mountains. It is the capital of Nepal with an altitude of 1370 meters. It is a noted tourism city with temperate climate and the annual average temperature here is about 20?. There is a large number of tourists would like to make a Tibet tour from Kathmandu so as to enjoy the charming city.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu – City of Monasteries

Kathmandu is an ancient city with a history of more than 1000 years. It is praised as "paradise in the mountains" for its temperate climate and fabulous landscapes. The exquisite architectural and sculpture art in this city have been the symbols of the ancient culture of Nepal.

Kathmandu is praised as a city of monasteries since numerous palaces, monasteries, pagodas and temples were constructed in this city. Hence there is a popular saying goes that the number of monasteries in Kathmandu almost equals to the number of the dwellings in this city.

Tibet Tour from Kathmandu – Attractions in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Durbar Square is one of the world cultural heritages of Nepal which located at the center of the old Kathmandu. The ancient constructions of Malla Kingdoms collected in this square and most of them were constructed between 16th and 19th century. There are more than 50 monasteries and palaces on Durbar Square, including Kasthmandap, Kumari Bahal, Hanuman Dhoka and Taleju Bhawan. The entrance tickets of these monasteries and palaces are pretty reasonable.

Swayambhu Nath

Swayambhu Nath is one of the most ancient holy relics of Buddhism which could be dated back to 5th century. There is a large number of followers of Buddhism would come here for pilgrimage and show their respect to the Buddha every year. The golden top of the pagoda made it more mysterious for tourists. Swayambhu Nath has been listed on the record of the world cultural heritage and was selected as one of the landmarks of Nepal.

Boudha Nath

Boudha Nath is said to be the largest Buddhism pagoda in the world. It has been listed as one of the world cultural heritages of Kathmandu which located at the east of the city. It looks very magnificent. The religious followers of Buddhism from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan would come here for pilgrimage.

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