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How to Go to Tibet from Kathmandu

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How to Go to Tibet from Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is a noted tourism city with numerous historical and cultural relics. Kathmandu also acted as the political, economic and cultural center of Nepal. A large number of overseas tourists would like to make a Tibet tour from Kathmandu so as to experience the civilization of Nepal.

Kathmandu is a city surrounded by green mountains. It is praised as the "spring city" among mountains since various flowers blossom all around the year. There are also numerous monasteries in Kathmandu and these monasteries compose a special landscape. There is a famous saying goes that the number of monasteries equals to the number of dwellings in Kathmandu.

How to Go to Tibet from Kathmandu by Air

Acted as the most important transportation hub of Nepal, Kathmandu has an excellent transportation network. Direct flights between Kathmandu and some of the international metropolis are available. Tourists in Bankok, Vienna, Amsterdam, Doha, Singapore and some other big cities could fly to Kathmandu from their own city.

Besides, the direct flights between Kathmandu and Hongkong, Chengdu, Shanghai and Lhasa are also available. So far, there is no other direct international flight between Lhasa and other cities except the direct flight between Lhasa and Kathmandu. It takes only about 70 minutes to fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu.

How to Go to Tibet from Kathmandu Overland

Tourists planning a Tibet tour from Kathmandu could also enter into Tibet overland. Nepal borders on Tibet Autonomous Region of China. There are buses between Kathmandu and Kodari. Tourists could enter into Tibet through Zham Port via the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge in Kodari.

There is also a certain number of tourists would like to make a Tibet tour from Kathmandu overland and enter into Tibet through Purang Port though it is not an official Tibet entrance, tourists could also enter into Tibet through this port with required permits. Compared to make a Tibet tour from Kathmandu by air, enter into Tibet overland would be much more challenging.

Taking Kathmandu as the transit city of Tibet tour, tourists could make a visit to Durbar Square – one of the cultural heritages of Nepal to explore the history of Nepal. Thamel, which is praised as the "Hongkong in Kathmandu" attracts a lot of foreign tourists with its various flavors of food and handicrafts. Tourists could also pay a visit to Swayambhu Nath and Boudha Nath to experience the religion culture of Nepal. It would be pretty interesting to experience two different civilizations during the Kathmandu – Tibet tour.

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