Riding a Bicycle along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway – Unforgettable Route
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Riding a Bicycle along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway – Unforgettable Route

Update: Jan. 29th, 2013

the scenery along Sinkiang-Tibet Highway

We arranged the itinerary of riding a bicycle along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway for your reference. Please enjoy reading previous Riding a Bicycle along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway – Reasonable Route, and Riding a Bicycle along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway – Fascinating Route next.

Riding a Bicycle along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway – Unforgettable Route

D4 206 Daoban (K206) – Mazhedaban (K217, 4800m) – Mazha Army Service Station (Mazha Daoban K241)

According to the number which was written on the milestone, it is approximately 35 kilometers far from 206 Daoban to Mazha Army Service Station. We highly suggest tourists to adjust themselves in 206 Daoban last night; therefore we just arrange a relatively relaxing route today. K241 is located in the middle part of the down slope. The beautiful Yerqyang River is available across from the K241 Daoban. The cell phone signal is available here.

Daoban is always built along the highways and the railways. Before the completion of the new highway and new railway, the constructors could live in the Daoban.

D5 Mazha Army Service Station – Heiqya Daoban (K290, camp available)

The road condition is fine from Mazha Army Service Station to Heiqya Daoban. There is a crossroad after passing K296. It is better to ride the bicycle following the telegraph pole. Otherwise you may be lost. You may overnight in Heiqya Daoban or go on riding.

D6 Heiqya Daoban – 301 Iron ore – Heiqyadaban (4930m) – 324 Daoban (have lunch) – 340 Daoban (discarded) – Saitula Sentry Post Ruins – Barracks (3600m)

It is approximately 74 kilometers long. It is the most difficult daban along Sinkiang – Tibet Highway from Heiqya Daoban to Heiqyadaban. The curving road around the mountain makes people nearly cry. Please pay much attention to hold your brake downhill. Be careful.

324 Daoban is available located about 15 kilometers far when you finish the down slopes. Then there is a long asphalt road lead to the Barracks from the 340 Daoban. The barracks is a relatively larger place and the cell phone signal is available there. If you lucky enough, you could buy some natural watermelons there.

As for the accommodation, we kindly recommend you the youth hostel in the barracks. It provides the hot water so that you could take a shower there. There is a small store nearby the hostel. You may get some cash here (RMB).

D7 The Barracks – K386 Army Service Station – K410 Daoban (discarded) – Kangxiwadaban (4250m) - Martyrs' Park – Kaxiwa Daoban (have lunch) – Hongliutan (4200, accommodation available)

It is approximately 113 kilometers long. Before arriving in K410 Daoban, the road condition is fine. Afterwards, there is an up slope when you arrive in K410 Daoban. The wind is very strong after passing Kangxiwadaban. Please pay attention to your riding speed.

Kangxiwa Martyrs' Park is located about 2 kilometers far from Kangxiwa Daoban. It is an up slope. It may take you about 40 minutes to ride as the crosswind is very strong. The road condition after passing Kangxiwa Daoban is fine. It is a gentle up slope. You can overnight in Dazhou Restaurant. It costs about 100 RMB per person. Then you will get into the no man's land after passing Hongliutan.

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