Basic Equipments for Tibet Adventure Tour
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Basic Equipments for Tibet Adventure Tour

Update: Jan. 14th, 2013

Camping in the wild

A series of basic equipments are quite necessary for a Tibet adventure tour. Excellent equipments always provide great help for your activities in the wild and make up your personal scarce capacity in a certain degree. Some of the experienced explorers hold that excellent equipments are always more reliable than the individual quality for they are products of intelligence gathering. As an experienced Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to introduce several basic equipments for Tibet adventure tour for tourists' reference.

Basic Equipments for Tibet Adventure Tour – Hiking Boots

A pair of suitable hiking boots might be the most important equipments among all the basic equipments for Tibet adventure tour. The adventure tours always involve some complicated landform which requires the shoes to provide enough protection and support for the feet. Hence, the ordinary sneakers are not good enough to deal with the challenging longtime trekking activities in the complicated landform environment with poor road condition.

The sole of the hiking boots are required to be wear-resisting, anti-skidding and hard enough. The sole of the some of the best hiking boots adopted materials similar to the material of the aero tires. Tourists making a Tibet adventure tour are also advised to choose a pair of ankle hiking boots which could provide better protection for your ankles from possible dangers. In addition, the ankle hiking boots could better prevent the gravels while trekking. Also, the lining of the hiking boots are required to be water-proof and ventilate.

Basic Equipments for Tibet Adventure Tour – Backpack

The Tibet adventure tour always requires tourists to carry a lot of necessary stuffs during the trekking days in the wild. An ordinary backpack is inadvisable since it couldn't provide you necessary help and help you to share the burden during the journey. On the contrary, a professional backpack with excellent bear system is a good selection. The excellent backpack could always share the weight of the materials in the bag to different loading parts of your body so as to ensure the stability and comfort during the longtime trekking.

Tourists planning to join the Tibet adventure tours are highly advised to choose a professional backpack which best fits your bodily form. Besides, tourists are also advised to select a backpack with light dead-load. It is also important to fill some materials in the backpack to have a test while choosing the backpack. Just as the selection of the hiking boots, tourists are strongly suggested to purchase a backpack with excellent quality and subservience.

Basic Equipments for Tibet Adventure Tour – Wind/Water-Proof Clothes

The wind/water-proof clothes are quite important for tourists making a Tibet adventure tour for they are not only wind/water-proof but also durable. While choosing the wind/water-proof clothes, the heat retention property and air permeability should also be taken into consideration. Besides, tourists making a Tibet adventure tour are also required to prepare a pair of gloves which could not only keep your hands warm in winter but also protect your hands from possible scratch. A cap which could protect you from the strong ultraviolet and keep warm in winter is also necessary.

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