General History of Tibet
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General History of Tibet

Update: Dec. 26th, 2012

Songtsen Gampo

General History of Tibet – Tibet before 7th Century

There were many clan tribes in Tibet before the 7th century. Tibet is engaged in continuous wars for the limited territory and resources. Tubo Tribe was experiencing a rising and developing period. It possessed the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin with fecund farmland and pastures. The first imperial palace of Tubo Kingdom was Yumbu Lakhang located in Nedong County, Shannan Prefecture. The 32nd Prince of Tubo Tribe – Nangri Songtsan enhanced the regime of Tubo Tribe. To avoid the interior counterforce, he moved his palace to Gyiama, located in Maizho Kunggar County.

General History of Tibet – Tibet under the Reign of Songtsen Gampo

In early 7th century, the son of Nangri Songtsan – Songtsen Gampo united Tibet Plateau and established the first helotism regime in Tibet – Tubo Kingdom. Songtsen Gampo adopted a series of methods to strengthen his new regime. In 633 A.D, Songtsen Gampo moved his capital to Lhasa and constructed the magnificent Potala Palace. Lhasa became the economical, political and cultural center of Tubo Kingdom gradually.

Songtsen Gampo imitated the political institution of Chinese Tang Dynasty. He adopted the civil and military bureaucratic establishment and delimited Tibet into 18 administrative zones. To promote the economical development, Songtsen Gampo also reduced the taxes. He sent officials to India and other countries to learn their characters and finally created Tibetan and Tibetan calendar.

Songtsen Gampo leaded Tubo Kingdom to its heyday. To establish a friendly relationship with the surrounding countries, Songtsen Gampo sent messengers to Nepal and Chinese Tang Dynasty for marriage connection. He is the most important and noted Tibetan king in the history of Tibet.

Songtsen Gampo passed away in 650 A.D. and Tubo Kingdom started to decline. The social contradiction went sharper for the leader's impertinent development strategy. The nobles kept fighting for regime and the society was in a total unstable state. The slaves started a large scale uprising and the slave-owner class was heavily attacked. Tubo Kingdom went to its down.

General History of Tibet – Tibet in Chinese Yuan Dynasty

In Chinese Yuan Dynasty, Tibet was officially incorporated into the territory of Chinese Yuan Dynasty. The long term division in Tibet was ended and local Tibetans got a much stable life than ever. The central government strengthened the management to Tibet in Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasty.

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