King Gesar in Tibet History
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King Gesar in Tibet History

Update: Jan. 23rd, 2013

King Gesar

King Gesar is said to be the incarnation of Padmasambhava in Tibet history. King Gesar was proud of the large numbers of the military exploits in his lifetime. He sympathized the weak people, and hated the evil people. In his lifetime, he highly praised Buddhism culture and promoted it in the whole Tibet region. He became the hero of Tibetan people.

King Gesar was born in AD 1038 and died in AD 1119. During the government of King Gesar, more than 150 tribes have been unified. The territory of Ling Kingdom has been firstly unified at that time.

King Gesar in Tibet History – King Gesar History

King Gesar was born in the 1038 and died in 1119 when he was 81 years old. When he was a child, his family was very poor. He usually grazed the yak and sheep in the pasture. But his uncle was a traitor; King Gesar and his mother were driven off home. When he was 16 years old, he enthroned after a horse racing. He went ahead to the capital of Ling Kingdom and got married with Tsumu. After that, he spent all his lifetime to fight with the enemies and devils.

After his death, the capital of Ling Kingdom was changed into the ancestral temple of a ruling house. His history and military exploits were highly praised and succeeded successfully by his generations. The Tusi – an official position in Tibet Qamdo history ordered his man to construct the "King Gesar Temple" in 1790. After the third plenary session of the 11th central committee of the Chinese communist party, the "King Gesar Temple" was reconstructed to be the "King Gesar Memorial Hall". The "King Gesar Memorial Hall" was mainly comprised of 64 beam columns and 16 high pillars. The walls surrounded the hall all around. The huge statue of the King Gesar was put in the center of the "King Gesar Memorial Hall", which was standing with 13 battle steed together. The Buddha statues were put on both sides of the King Gesar statue. The whole memorial hall looks so magnificent and elegant that was highly respected by Tibetan people.

As a matter of fact, King Gesar was the hero of Tibetan people in ancient times. His brilliant military exploits were spread in Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Lake, the Silk Road, Sichuan Basin, and Yunnan province, etc. People created many songs and the characters to commemorate the King Gesar.

King Gesar in Tibet History – Legend

The legend of King Gesar is said that a little poor child who named Gyuru, he grew up in Ling Kingdom. He beat all the competitors in a horse racing and enthroned to be the king of Ling Kingdom. His honorific title was King Gesar.

He was actually the deity of the heaven. He came down to the earth and helped people to combat with the devils and enemies. And he fight with his uncle – the traitor of Ling Kingdom in his lifetime. Finally, he unified large numbers of tribes and established a free and peaceful state for Tibetan people.

The legend of King Gesar was mainly spread in Dege region in Tibet.

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