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Nyingchi Climate

Update: Feb. 16th, 2013

Nyingchi Scenery

Nyingchi Climate – Brief Introduction

The climate of Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet mainly is plateau temperate humid monsoon climate. It is in the composite climate zone with tropical zone, subtropical zone, temperate zone and cold zone. The annual precipitation of Nyingchi is from 600 mm to 2200 mm. The annual sunshine duration is over 2000 hours. The frost-free period is about 180 days. The average altitude of whole Nyingchi Prefecture is 3100 meters. Nyingchi Prefecture is the prefecture with lowest altitude and high oxygen content on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Due to the effect of warm and wet flows from Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, there is no hot summer and chill winter in Nyingchi Prefecture. Hence, it is the best destination in Tibet tour.

The average altitude of Nyingchi Prefecture is 3100 meters. In Nyingchi Prefecture, all mountains extend east-west. In Nyingchi Prefecture, the northern part is higher, and the southern part is lower. The range of altitude is large. The Yarlung Zanpo River which is the highest river in the world, after extending over 1000 kilometers, comes into Nyingchi Prefecture in Lang County. In Milin County, the Yarlung Zanpo River is blocked by the Himalayas. It has to flow toward northern part, around the Namjagbarwa Peak in the special shape of horse's hoof. In the area of the Medog County, the Yarlung Zanpo River flows toward southern part, and flows into Indian Ocean through India.

Because of the special terrain of Nyingchi Prefecture, there is a big breach for the flow from Indian Ocean at the lower part of southeast. The warm current from Indian Ocean flows along the Yarlung Zanpo River meet with cold current from Northern part at the east sect of Nyainqentanglha Range and stop there. It formed the special composite climate zone of Nyingchi Prefecture with tropical zone, subtropical zone, temperate zone, cold zone, humid and semi-humid zone. It also formed the special snow mountain and forest in Nyingchi Prefecture. The tropical zone, temperate zone and cold zone which only can be found over thousands miles in other places of China can be enjoyed about tens square meters in Nyingchi Prefecture. There is nothing better to describe the special climate of Nyingchi with the old saying that "there are four seasons on the same mountain, and weather in ten kilometers is different".

Nyingchi Climate – Temperature, Precipitation, Sunshine Duration

In Nyingchi Prefecture, the annual precipitation is about 650 mm; annual average temperature is 8.7 degree; annual average sunshine duration is 2022.2 hours; frost-free period is 180 days. Hence, fields in Nyingchi Prefecture are very fertile, and resources are very rich. To take a broad view of Nyingchi Prefecture, this district which is surrounded by snow mountains is the world of green everywhere.

The average temperature of winter in Nyingchi Prefecture is over zero degree, and the average temperature of summer is 20 degree. The four seasons in Nyingchi is very obvious. It is a good place with cool summer and warm winter. The period from May to September is the rain season of Nyingchi Prefecture. In this period, a large amount of precipitation may cause debris flow, landslide and other natural disasters. Hence, the rain season is not a good season for Nyingchi tour.

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