Tibet Climate Characters
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Tibet Climate Characters

Update: Jul. 11th, 2013

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The tourism industry in Tibet is greatly influenced by its climate. A lot of tourists planning a Tibet tour are worried that they can't get adapted to the special climate on Tibet Plateau. This article aims at introducing the genera Tibet climate characters for tourists willing to pay a visit to Tibet.

Tibet enjoys a typical plateau climate characterized by thin air for its high altitude. Visitors come to Tibet might suffer a difficult breathing due to the low oxygen content in the air. In addition, the solar sunshine radiation on Tibet Plateau is much stronger than that in the plain area for it is much easier for the sunshine to penetrate the thin air.

Tourists come to Tibet would find that the temperature here is much lower than the other regions in the same latitude for its high elevation. Besides, there is obvious temperature difference between days and night almost all year around. It is even necessary to bring a jacket for tourists planning to pay a visit to Mt. Everest Base Camp in July and August.

Under the alternate control of the west wind in the winter and the southwest monsoon in the summer, there is obvious dry season and wet season on Tibet Plateau. Generally, the period between October and April is regarded as the dry season in Tibet while the period between May and September is the rainy season.

Take an overview of the Tibet map, tourists making a Tibet tour would find that the terrain in Tibet is higher in the northwestern part and lower in the northeastern part. The altitude drops to several hundreds meters from several thousands meters. Hence, there are various types of climate in Tibet from the southeast to the northwest, including the tropical zone, sub-tropical zone, plateau temperate zone, sub-frigid zone and frigid zone.

As a professional Tibet tour operator in Lhasa, Tibet Tour would like to provide the general climate condition in different seasons in Tibet for tourists' reference. Tourists planning a Tibet tour in the high season between June and August should note that it is pretty cool in the morning and night though the temperature would rise rapidly at the noon under the strong sunshine. Night rain happens frequently during this period, but it becomes sunny with the coming of the morning. Hence, tourists don't need to be worried that the original tour schedule might be influenced by the rain even you are coming to Tibet in the rainy season. Tibet has been selected as one of the vest summer resorts in China.

The period between September and November is regarded as the autumn on Tibet Plateau. During this period, the climate is getting colder and tourists coming to Tibet in this season have to prepare some warm clothes, such as a sweater. Generally, it would start to get warmer in late April or early May on Tibet Plateau. Tourists who've paid attention to the Tibet climate would find that the climate here is pretty changeable. For instance, Ngari even suffered a heavy snow in middle May 2013.

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