Kunlun Spring
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Kunlun Spring

Update: Sep. 26th, 2012

Kunlun Spring

Kunlun Spring - Introduction

The Kunlun Spring is the largest ice-free spring in Kunlun Mountains. The water temperature of Kunlun Spring keeps at 20 degree around the year. There is polygon pattern which made up of granite plate around the spring. In the center, a stream of clean water comes out from the side of the pool and forms glittering mushroom shape. Some times, it looks like a blooming lotus. Some times, it looks like fragments of jade which are silently falling in the pool. The water in the Kunlun Spring is very cool and sweet, with several necessary vitamins for health. As the largest ice-free spring in Kunlun Mountain, the water amount of Kunlun Spring is very large and stable. It is high quality mineral water.

Both the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway pass by the Nachitai which is also the first station in Kunlun Mountain. Many people would like to stop there just to enjoy the Kunlun Spring. When you close to the Kunlun Spring, there are two springs which away from each other for 50 meters. The larger one is close to the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, with an Octagonal Pavilion around it. In the pavilion, there is a stream of clean water continuously come out from the center, just like a blooming lotus. Hence, it is regarded as the wonder and holy lake of Kunlun Mountain.

Kunlun Spring – Legend

According to legends, when the group of Princess Wencheng reached the Nachitai, they were so tired for the long journey and high mountains that they had a rest at the Nachitai.. But they found there was no water. They had to spend the night thirsty. When they got up in the next morning, they found there was a glittering stream at the site of placing Buddha statue. It was the Sakyamuni pressed the spring in Kunlun Mountain out to save living creatures. The legend is beautiful and moving. But the Kunlun Spring brought up generations people in Kunlun Mountain.

The water amount in Kunlun Spring is very large and stable. It is said that it is the spring which used by Mother Queen of West to brew delicious wine. It is high quality mineral water.

In the middle stream of the Golmud River which originates from the Kunlun Mountain, there is a valley with bold cliffs on the both side for the long erosion of water. In legends, the beautiful peaks on the both banks are the two sisters of Jade Emperor.

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