Acute Mountain Sickness – Harms and Preventions of High Altitude
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Acute Mountain Sickness – Harms and Preventions of High Altitude

Update: Jul. 30th, 2012

portable device for oxygen

Due to the special natural environment, Tibet Plateau (Qinghai – Tibet Plateau) features lower air pressure, lower oxygen, dry and cold climate, strong and fast wind, solar radiation and strong ultraviolet radiation.

According to the testing, there is a brief introduction of harms and preventions of high altitude such as Acute Mountain Sickness.

Acute Mountain Sickness – Harms of High Altitude

Brain Damage

With the higher altitude but lower oxygen in plateau, some people will suffer the hyoxemia if you stay there for a long time. Human beings nervous tissue is very sensitive of changing environment of insides and outside. Therefore, your brain damage will probably occur and it may be worse. The long time you expose in plateau, the harms of brain damage will be much worse such as feelings, memory, thinking ability and attention and other cognitive competence. The affections keep long time.


According to testing, human beings feeling ability will be affected sooner than other harms, which the vision is the most sensitive of the absence of oxygen in high plateau. In the high altitude above 3000m, your vision will be obviously damaged and it will probably not be recovered in lower altitude.

On the other hand, your hearing ability will be deteriorated in high altitude above 5000m. Over 5000-6000m, it becomes worse and it may cause other problems in high plateau.

Tactile sense and sense of pain

Tactile sense and sense of pain will gradually become slow, and probably it will change to hallucination and illusion.

Memory deterioration

The absence of oxygen affects memory very much. The memory ability will be affected in altitude of 1800-2400m. When go up to 5000m, the memory ability becomes weak, and it will be totally lose with higher and higher altitude.

Thinking ability

Your thinking ability will be affected in altitude of 1500m, and worse in 3000m, and it becomes the worst over 7000m. Most people will suddenly lose consciousness in higher and high altitude.

Acute Mountain Sickness – Preventions of High Altitude

The effectively way of preventing harms of high altitude is oxygen offering. If it is your first time to enter to Tibet, it is better to take the portable device for oxygen.

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