Affection of Acute Mountain Sickness – High Altitude Sickness
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Affection of Acute Mountain Sickness – High Altitude Sickness

Update: Jul. 27th, 2012

Namtso Lake

Our body is affected by Acute Mountain Sickness in high altitude. The long time we stay in plateau, the affection is more obvious.

Affection of Acute Mountain Sickness – High Altitude Sickness

Blood System

In 2 hours after arrival in plateau, our body will produce overmuch red blood cell to acclimatize the high altitude. The hemoglobin is increasing 1.1g per week. After 6 weeks, the hemoglobin will increase to 1.4 times as the normal level. When you back to lower places, the hemoglobin will decrease to normal level. Therefore, it is not good to go up to plateau again in 1 month after you back to lower altitude.

Respiratory System

Due to lower oxygen, your body will excess of taking a breath. In sea level, people need 250ml (5liters of air) per minute. But in high altitude, your body needs 7.5 liters air to acclimatize the high altitude. People will feel shortness of breath or even worse with more activities.

But actually, it is good for control of chronic bronchial asthma in plateau. The humidity is low and there is much ozone in air, as well as the strong sunlight, all of which are better for chronic bronchial asthma patient.

Recycle System

Because of absence of oxygen, every slight activity will make tourists heartbeat fast. When you arrival in plateau, your morning pulse is 20% higher than it in sea level. After 10 days, the morning pulse will back to normal level. Therefore, people could judge the acclimatization ability of Acute Mountain Sickness through the morning pulse.

Immune System

In plateau, lymphocyte is damaged and your body becomes affected by bacterium easily.

Reproductive System

The sperms are not activity in plateau and the heteromorphy sperms occur. It will be recovered after back to lower altitude.

For female, the dysmenorrheal and menstrual disorder incidence is increasing. The Spontaneous Abortion, premature delivery and congenital abnormality are usually happened. But this often happens to people who stay in plateau many years.

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