Islamism in Tibet
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Islamism in Tibet

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011


Through the ages, Tibet is said to be a universal belief of Tibetan Buddhist region in people's mind. However, there are also Islamism holy temples standing in this area such as Mosque.

Islamism in Tibet – Origin

According to historical records, Tibetan has deal with Arab Muslim as early as the 8th century of Tubo Dynasty. Islamism has developed quickly during the 11th century and begun to settle in Tibet Region as a newly nationality while got the name of Kha-che from Tibetan people meant Muslims.

Islamism in Tibet – History

It is a long history of more than 1100 years of Islamism believed by some Tibetan people including more than 2000 people of Hui minority of China. Most of them believe Islamism. In addition, there are a few other nationalities living here with their own beliefs.

Islamism in Tibet – Mosque

There are four mosques in Tibet region which Hebalin Mosque is the most famous located in southeast of Jokhang Temple. Hebalin was built in 1716 first with a total coverage of more than 200 square meters, and rebuilt in the year of 1793. During the year of 1959, it was destroyed by armed insurgents but rebuilt again next year.

Islamism in Tibet – Facts

1. During 13 century, Islamism began to be introduced into Tibet region with few Muslims.

2. The time of 14 century is a proper opportunity for spreading Islamism in Tibet region. During the time, the Hui nationality has been formed in Ming Dynasty while Tibet has been unified in Yuan Dynasty, all of which offered the best opportunity for Islamism.

3. Islamism had been spread in two ways such as preaches by missionaries and Muslim immigrants.

4. Islamism had been introduced into Tibet first by Muslim traders and then by businessman of Hui nationality.

5. The beginning of Islamism in Tibet is considered during the time of the 5th Dalai Lama (17 century).

6. When Muslim immigrants went native in Tibet, Tibetan Islamism has formed different religion culture.

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