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Bon Sect

Update: Dec. 28th, 2011

Living Buddha of Bon Sect

Bon Sect is an inherent religion of Tibet region. The Bon Sect developed at the same time as Buddhism in the 7th century. Today Bon Sect forms a structured doctrine.

Bon Sect – Brief Introduction

Bon Sect is shortened from the Bon Sect, which combined the history and miraculous legends.

The history of Bon Sect is difficult to clearly ascertain because the earliest surviving documents referring to the religion come from the 9th and 10th centuries, well after Buddhists began the suppression of indigenous beliefs and practices.

Bon Sect – Foundation

Traditionally, Tonpa Shenrab is believed to have established the Bon Sect. Due to the sacredness of Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring and the Mount Kailash, both the sauvastika and the number nine are of great significance and considered auspicious by the Bon as well as Hindus.

Bon Sect – Branch

Brdol-Bon Sect

Originally date back the time from the 1st Zampo of Tubo Dynasty to the 26th Zampo, which is called the period of Brdol-Bon Sect. Brdol-Bon Sect is mainly sacrifice to the ghosts.

Vkhyar-Bon Sect

During the time of Drigum Tsenpo (Gri-gum btsan-po in Tibetan Language), there are three masters who proficient in all kinds of witchcraft invited from Bon Sect.

Bsgyur-Bon Sect

During the time of Trisong Detsen, the Bon Sect was prohibited while the Buddhist scriptures were misrepresenting of the Bon Sect religious doctrine.

Bon Sect – Feature of Bon Sect

Original Bon Sect is characteristic of the features of primitive religion that believes the supernatural power and animistic viewpoint. Brdol-Bon Sect belongs to the original Bon Sect.

Firstly, the ancient Tibetan considered that the cosmos consist of three parts of heaven, earth and underground. In Tibetan historical records, the name of heaven called Zam (btsan in Tibetan language), the name of earth called Nyan (gnyan in Tibetan language) and the name of underground called Lon (Klu in Tibetan language). According to ancient Tibetan records, Nyatri Tsenpo was the son of the God. Nyatri Tsenpo came to the earth by the ladder for helping Tibetam people and back to the heaven later. But when the 8th Drigum Tsenpo (or Zampo) was killed, the ladder was destroyed so that the bury ceremony was established for the 8th Drigum Tsenpo.

Secondly, the Kitchen God is considered as the important status in Bon Sect. You have to be careful when you cook dinner otherwise you will be punished if you dirty the kitchen or drop the hair into the fire.

Thirdly, followers of Bon Sect sacrifice to the ghosts using animals.

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