History of Bon Sect
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History of Bon Sect

Update: Jan. 11th, 2013


History of Bon Sect – Brief Introduction

With a longer history than Tibetan Buddhism's, Bon Sect was the only one religion and belief for every Tibetan. Thus the spirit and tradition of Bon Sect have affected Tibetans' life through the ages.

History of Bon Sect – Affection

After the reign of Trisong Detsen, Bon Sect has been gradually replaced by Buddhism which has been influenced much by it, especially in religious rites. For example, the Tsampa with butter and cheese has been used for sacrifice which was made by Sinro Miwo (gShen rab mi bo in Tibetan) firstly instead of the killing sacrifice, which has been succeeded nowadays in Tibetan Buddhism. On the other hand, the symbol of "?" could be found everywhere in Tibet Region, which is representative of Bon Sect.

History of Bon Sect – Temple

According to the survey of new century, there are 240 Bon Sect temples have been found in the Tibet Region except for little contemplative places. Most of Bon temples have been constructed in remote suburbs but few big Bon temples were constructed in better pasturing area.

The whole of Baqing Country of Nagchu Prefecture of Tibet is full of Bon temples and other areas such as Dingqing Country, Sinlong Country, Danba Counry, and Jinchuan Country are retained many temples of Bon Sect.

History of Bon Sect – Scripture

There are more than 50 thousand monks of Bon Sect in Tibet Region, which the number of disciples of Bon Sect is increased to more than 400,000.

During the 20 century, two Living Buddhas published the Tripitaka of Bon Sect and then another Living Buddha continually published the kangyur of Bon Sect, all of which are the treasures of Tibetan Religion.

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