What is Gyantse Zongshan Castle
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What is Gyantse Zongshan Castle

Update: Oct. 7th, 2013

Gyantse Zongshan Castle

Where is Gyantse

Recorded as the capital of an old Tibetan tribe, Gyantse was liked by many foreign tourists. It gradually becomes popular place to visit during Tibet tour. But why? Let me tell you something about his amazing small country not far from Lhasa City. Even though it was the capital in old times, it became the noble fief after the leader of this tribe was beat by the father of Songtsen Gampo. Later on, it has been developed to be an important traffic hinge between central Tibet and the southern Tibet. There are many hills in the north of the plain in Gyantse County, while some annular walls situated along the mountain ridge. There are few white pagodas and monasteries in the city walls. The walls are representative of Gyantse County. One of the famous city walls is Gyantse Zongshan Castle.

It has more than 600 years since Gyantse was established and it was built earlier than Shigatse. It is the region which must be passed on the way to Sikkim and the Kingdom of Bhutan by way of Sakya area. Gyantse County is located 254 kilometers far from Lhasa City and owns fertile soil. You will have a chance to see the integration of modern life and religious local Tibetan's daily life, for example, you may find people watching the Hong Kong movies in the store, but also the people reciting chanting scriptures, and turning their prayer wheels on the street. Isn't it amazing and fantastic?

Gyantse Zongshan Castle History

At the end of the AD 19th Century, Tibetan was invaded by British armies. In December of 1903, a famous but horrible defending war broke the quiet and happened in Gyantse country as this small county was widely known as the strategic place to Lhasa City and Shigatse. In April of 1904, Gyantse was occupied by the enemy. But in June of this year, Tibetan soldiers and local people consciously organized in Gyantse Zongshan Castle to fight with the aggressors. They finally failed. The last few soldiers and local people suicided and jumped from the Zongshan Castle rather than surrendered.

The remaining of Zongshan Castle has been kept intact to honor the people who sacrificed for this holy land till now. I think you will not miss it if you travel to Gyantse Country during your journey in Tibet and please so feel it, the history.

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