Useful Tips for Tibet Travel
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Useful Tips for Tibet Travel

Update: Mar. 14th, 2014

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Noted as the Roof of the World, Tibet Plateau has been widely regarded as a must-visit destination with its spectacular natural scenery and exotic culture. Tibet Tour would like to provide some useful tips for Tibet Travel for tourists' reference.

Useful Tips for Tibet Travel - Must-do Things in Tibet

Tourists planning to travel to Tibet are strongly suggested to explore the charm of the natural sites and cultural sites in different prefectures. There are numberous beautiful lakes on Tibet Plateau, among which the Yamdrok Yumtso and Namtso Lake attract the most number of visitors for they are quite close to Lhasa. For tourists interested in the magnificent view of the high mountains, Mt. Everest Base Camp is a must-visit site.

Generally, it takes about 10 days to visit the classic sites in different prefectures in Tibet. Nyingchi Prefecture is widely noted for its breathtaking natural landscapes. Both the overland transportation and air transportation to Nyingchi from Lhasa. Shannan Prefecture, noted as the cradle land of Tibetan culture, is mainly noted for its cultural sites. Yumbu Lakhang and Samye Monastery are two must-visit sites for tourists willing to explore into the profound Tibetan culture. Shigatse Prefecture is a region attracts visitors with both its nature and culture. Ngari Prefecture is a paradise for toruists who are enthusiastic in adventure.

Useful Tips for Tibet Travel - Cannot-do Things in Tibet

For the precaution of the high altitude sickness, tourists on Tibet Plateau have a series of cannot-do things. Taking shower in the first night on Tibet Plateau might increase the risk of catching the high altitude sickness. Besides, tourists should do everything slowly and keep a good mindset. In addition, tourists cannot head to the places with higher altitude before you are completely adapted with the relatively lower altitude. Alcohol and smoking should also be banned for better adaptation on Tibet Plateau.

Photography is prohibited in some historical sites, such as Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. Therefore, visitors are stronfly suggested to turn off your camera so as to avoid any unnecessary troubles. Besides, it is an impolite behavior to take photoes of the local Tibetans and lamas without their permission. As we all known, most Tibetans are devout pilgrims of Tibetan Buddhism. Therefore, visitors should not speak some impolite words or do some impolite actions in the monasteries.

Useful Tips for Tibet Travel - Safety & Security

Be frankly, the possible high altitude sickness is the largest threat for visitors safety and security. The high altitude sickness could be effectively prevented though most visitors would be bothered by different symptoms, such as headache and diziness. It is said that taking some local food and beverage in Tibet could help visitors to get adapted to the high plateau environment. In addition, visitors shoud keep drinking the rhodiola rosea before you leaving Tibet for the plaine area. For tourists planning to do some trekking activities in the rare populated regions with higher altitude, it is necessary to prepare a first-aid kit and oxygen bottles in case of need.

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