Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet
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Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet

Update: Jan. 24th, 2013


Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet – Ngari Town

Ngari town was the important traffic hinge and trade gathering place of northern Tibet region. It is approximately 326 kilometers long from Lhsaa to Ngari town. Qinghai-Tibet Highway is available in Ngari Town via Delong Duiqying town, and Dangxong Town, which is over 4000 meters high. Qinghai-Tibet Highway is regarded as the lifeline of Tibet region, as it is not the major highway for tourists to take the train out of Lhasa, but also the busiest highway of Tibet.

Xaodeng Monastery is the largest monastery of Gelug Sect of northern Tibet. According to the history record, it is the largest affiliated monastery of Sera Monastery in Northern Tibet, too. It was firstly constructed in 1774 and once acted as "the tent monastery". In 1904, it has been expanded successfully.

Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet - Lion Spring River Town

Lion Spring River Town was named as the geographic location of the river bank of Lion Spring River. It is situated in the upper reaches of India River and 4255 meters high.

Lion Spring River Town was acted as the traffic hinge, economical center, cultural center, and border trade center of western Tibet. The major 4 roads are available in Lion Spring River Town and stretches to different directions, for example, the business street is available to the south, the government office is available to the east and the west, Ritu County and Sinkiang are both available to the north.

Actually Lion Spring River Town is not very large, but it is bustling in Ngari vast plateau and full of vitality. Due to the lack of water and electricity, the water and electric are provided regularly in a day in Lion Spring River.

Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet – Gyantse

Gyantse Town is located in the northern river bank of Nyantsu River and about 4040 meters high.

With a very profound history, Gyantse was once the important traffic hinge of Yatong County and Shigatse, etc. It was also acted as the political and economical center of southern Tibet. It is available on the way to Shigatse from Lhasa.

Zongshan was the place where the Gyantse government office located. When British people invaded, Zongshan was used to be the fortress to fight with aggressors. Hence Gyantse is highly praised as the "hero city" in Tibet region.

Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet – Shasima Town

Shasima Town is available in Yatong County. Yatong County is a border county, which could lead to Gyantse to the north and Sikkim, the Kingdom of Bhutan to the south. It is approximately 6 kilometers south from Shasima town to Yatong County. Shasima town was acted as the trade gathering place of Tibet and other South Asia countries.

Shasima Town is characteristic of humid climate and full of thick forests. The pine attic is a great feature of the architecture of Shasima Town. Dongga Monastery is the major attraction in Shasima Town with more than 500 years history.

Top 5 Fascinating Towns in Tibet – Zham Town

Along the river of Nyelam County approximately 32 kilometers to the south, you will find Zham Town. Zham Town is full of natural sceneries and characteristic of moderate climate. It is located in the south slope of the middle part of Himalaya Mountain Range.

It is approximately 13 kilometers away to the Friendship Bridge – the border of China and Nepal. It is about 100 kilometers to Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal. Zham Town gradually becomes the border trade center the important traffic way to Tibet, China.

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