Tips for Foreign Tourists Planning a Tibet Tour
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Tips for Foreign Tourists Planning a Tibet Tour

Update: Nov. 14th, 2013

Monastery in Tibet

An increasingly number of foreign tourists is interested in Tibet after their family members or friends visiting Tibet recent years. Be different from the other domestic provinces or cities, Tibet has its own local policy for foreign tourists. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet Tour would like to provide relevant tips for foreign tourists planning a Tibet tour.

All the foreign tourists could only enter into Tibet in groups organized by official tour operators in Lhasa. Sometimes, there would be limit in the number/nationality of visitors in the group. The travel agency who helps foreign tourists to apply for the required Tibet Travel Permit is also responsible for tourists' accommodation, guide, vehicle rental and sightseeing in Tibet. Foreign tourists are not allowed to make a self-help tour or self-guided tour in Tibet.

All the foreign tourists planning a Tibet tour are required to apply for the Tibet Travel Permits in advance. A series of application documents should be sent to your agency in advance, including the scanned copy of your passport and China Visa. Documents regarding the detailed tour itinerary and applicants' career are also required while submitting the application to Tibet Tourism Bureau. Sometimes, there is strict policy in the submitting and issuing date of the Tibet Travel Permit. To obtain the permits in time, tourists are sincerely suggested to prepare the necessary documents in advance.

Foreign tourists planning a Tibet tour are sincerely to apply for a Tibet Visa L (the China Tourist Visa) in advance. It would be less complicated to apply for the required Tibet Travel Permits with a China Tourist Visa compared to obtain the permits with other types of China Visa. Foreign tourists hold a China Working Visa, China Student Visa, China Business Visa, or visa of other types should provide more documents while apply for the permits, such as the certification provided by your employer or college.

Foreign journalists, diplomats or government officials are not allowed to enter into Tibet as ordinary tourists. It will lead to serious consequence if foreign tourists steal into Tibet without permits issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Foreign tourists join the Tibet train tours are required to show the scanned copy of your Tibet Travel Permit, and tourists enter into Tibet by air should provide the original copy of your Tibet Travel Permit while boarding on the plane to Tibet. In addition, there are numerous inspection stations on the highways in Tibet.

Except for the Tibet Entry Permit, foreign tourists planning to visit the spots in the restricted areas are also required to apply for the Aliens' Permit or the Military Permit. A few scenic spots in Tibet are only opened to domestic visitors, such as Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon and Lulang Town.

During the Tibet tour, foreign tourists should follow the arrangement of your agency and should not leave your group arbitrarily. Tourists planning a Tibet tour should also note that most Tibetans are devout followers of Tibetan Buddhism and there are strict taboos in the monasteries. It is necessary to follow the rules and never violet the Buddhists/taboos in the monasteries.

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