Tibet Trekking Tours –Maizhokunggar, Zhari Mountain, Namtso
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Tibet Trekking Tours –Maizhokunggar, Zhari Mountain, Namtso

Update: Apr. 26th, 2012

Tibet Trekking Tours

In Tibet, the Maizhokungar, Zhari Mountain and Namtso Lake are famous trekking places, not only for their beautiful scenery, but also for their religious color. They are included in different Tibet trekking tours. You can choose different Tibet trekking tours based on your preference.

Tibet Trekking Tours – Trekking in Maizhokunggar County

In Maizhokunggar County, there are famous Drigung Monastery and Dedrong Hot Spring.

The Dedrong Hot Spring is the most famous hot spring in Lhasa area. It is attractive for visitors not only for its function, but also for its original features. The Drigung Monastery is main monastery of Drigung Kagyu Sect, which is grand and with long history. And the most famous point at there is the Drigung celestial burial platform. It is said that to held celestial burial at there, the soul can comes into paradise directly. All the Tibetan Buddhism believers regard the Drigung celestial burial platform as ideal place for their funeral.

Tibet Trekking Tours – Trekking at Zhari Holy Mountain and Cuoga Lake

The Zhari Holy Mountain is located in the Longzi County and Cuona County in Shannan area. It is one of very famous holy mountains. The Zhari Holy Mountain is regarded as Holy Mountain by Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon Religion, just as the Mt. Kailash. The symbolic animal of the Zhari Holy Mountain is Monkey. So, there are many pilgrimages from everywhere in the world will come here to worship in Monkey Year, because they think to worship in this year is more effective than in other years. Except the religious color, the natural scenery at here is also very beautiful. Some people also think it is more beautiful than Nyingchi. The Cuoga Lake is the holy lake of Garmaba in history and the living place of fairies.

Tibet Trekking Tours – Trekking at Namtso

Circumambulation around mountains and lakes is regarded as a way to express piety to religion by Tibetan Buddhism believers, and the way to cumulate their merits and virtues. As the most holy lake and 'heavenly lake" in Tibet, the Namtso Lake attracts numberless visitors come in every year. It is easy to go to Namtso Lake. But it is hard to trek around Namtso Lake, for the latitude of it is high and the route is long. If you can walk around Namtso Lake once, you can cumulate large amount of merits and virtues.

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