Tibet Travel Service - Best Time to Travel to Tibet during Tibet Festival
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Tibet Travel Service - Best Time to Travel to Tibet during Tibet Festival

Update: Aug. 20th, 2012

Tibetan Festival

With the vast and broad area, Tibet features the unique and spectacular natural landscape and cultural landscape in the world. That is why tourists make Tibet as their must-go destination during their life.

Tibet travel service helps tourists divided Tibet as many different types of scenic spots. Around the center of Lhasa, Yampachen, Dangxung, and Gyantse formed Lhasa scenic spots. The western Tibet features religious tourism, which tourists usually visit Mt. Kailash for pilgrim. The southwestern Tibet is characteristic of climbing and trekking, which Mt. Everest Base Camp attracts lots of tourists from home and broad to come to visit. In south part of Nyingchi, there is full of natural treasures such as Lulang Forest and Ranwu Lake.

Tibet Travel Service - Best Time to Travel to Tibet during Tibet Festival

Tibet is border on Xinjiang in northm, Qinghai Province in northeast, Sichuan Province in east, Yunnan Province in southeast, India, Burma, Bhutan, Sikkim and Kashimir in south and west. The border line is about 4000 kilometers long.

In this land, Tibetan creates unique customs and profound history, which called the treasures of Tibetan culture. During the history, Tibetan festival is a kind of Tibet scenery that attracts other people to learn and enjoy.

Nowadays, traditional Tibetan festivals are always held in every month. There are some introduction of most important Tibetan festivals known by people.

Tibetan New Year Festival

Tibetan New Year Festival starts from the first day of January and ends in the fifteenth day in Tibetan calendar. It always lasts 7 days.

As the most grand and vehement traditional festival in Tibet, all of the religious Tibetans will gather together to pray the Buddha.

Tibetan Saga Dawa Festival

15th of April in Tibetan calendar is "Saga Dawa Festival". It is said that Sakyamuni was born to become the Buddha on this day. Therefore various activities are held to commemorate him. After years, more and more people would like to circumambulate the holy mountains to pray.

Tibetan Bathing Festival

Sixth to twelfth of July in Tibetan calendar is Bathing Festival, which is "gamariji" in Tibetan, means having bath. It will last about 7 days. In ancient history, a large epidemic happened here. So the Goddess of Mercy asked seven fairies to get seven bottles of spunk-water and pour them into the rivers and lakes. In the night, all the Tibetans had a same dream. In the dream, a sallow and wounded Tibetan girl jumped into a limpid river; when she came out, she become a beautiful girl. So Tibetans came to have bath in the river to drive epidemic.

Tibetan Butter Lantern Festival

Butter Lantern Festival originated in 7th year of Yongle in Qing Dynasty (1409). It was created by Tsongkapa when he held Great Prayer Festival in Lhasa in fifteen of January. During the festival, the butter sculpture exhibition will be held in every monasteries to celebrate Sakyamuni's victory over non-Buddhist opponents.

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