Tibet Train Tours – Significance of Qinghai-Tibet Railway
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Tibet Train Tours – Significance of Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Tibet Train Tours – Significance of Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Transportation is of vital importance of a nation. The improvement of transportation condition will benefit a city. After the open of Qinghai-Tibet railway, influences have been brought to Tibet and its tourism. Tourists could join the Tibet train tours with less cost compared to travel to Lhasa by air.

Tibet Train Tours - Environmental Influence brought by Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Before the Qinghai-Tibet railway was opened, many people especially the Tibetan people worried that railway heading toward Tibet may cause environment problems. For instance, the tourists may throw rubbishes out of the window and the environment along the railway may be polluted. Considering the pressure difference and the passengers may get altitude sickness, tourists join the Tibet train tours would find that all the windows on the train can not be opened. Passengers throw the garbage in the garbage cans in the train. Trains do not whistle in the areas where animals gather. So in fact, Qinghai-Tibet Railway does not cause environment problem to the area.

Tibet Train Tours - Economic Influence brought by Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Qinghai-Tibet Railway has brought huge economic benefits to Tibet. To enjoy the picturesque scenery along the railway line, large numbers of tourists take part in the Tibet train tours. While enjoying the view of Tibet, tourists admire the folk-custom of Tibet. Tourists spend their money in Tibet and this promotes the economic development there. The incomes of Local people rise sharply.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway has brought many job opportunities to Tibet. With more tourists could enter into Tibet by joining Tibet train tours, development of Tibet tourism was greatly promoted. Crews to serve the passengers and doctors to treat passengers who get altitude sickness are needed on the train. Many restaurants, guesthouses and stores to sell specialties are opened by the local people. Large numbers of tour guides are needed to lead the way, conduct tourists activities and interpreter spots' information.

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