Tibet Train Tours – Landscapes along Qinghai-Tibet Railway
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Tibet Train Tours – Landscapes along Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Update: Nov. 1st, 2012

Tibet Train Tours – Landscapes along Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Tourists take part in the Tibet train tours could not only experience the Tibetan culture with intense religious atmosphere but also appreciate the gorgeous natural landscapes along Qinghai-Tibet Highway which will take you across the roof of the world.

Landscapes of Tibet Train Tours – Taer Monastery

Taer Monastery was constructed during the reign of Emperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty. It has a history of more than 400 years. It is one of the most noted cultural relics of Qinghai Province. It is highly respected by followers of Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism for it's the birthplace of Master Tsongkhapa – the founder of Gelug Sect. The stylish ancient architectural complex here integrated both the architectural characters of Tibetan and Han.

Landscapes of Tibetan Train Tours – Qinghai Lake

Tourists planning a Tibet train tour could also enjoy the amazing natural landscape of the largest salt water lake in China – Qinghai Lake. It is 3260 meters above the sea level and is especially noted for the Bird Island in the lake and the grand plain around the lake. Thousands of migrant birds here form a pretty magnificent landscape.

Landscapes of Tibetan Train Tours – Kunlun Mountain and Hoh Xil

There is an old saying goes that you could stretch out your hands to the sky when you are arriving at Kunlun Mountain. The natural environment here is pretty crude with an average altitude of more than 4500 meters. It is very cold and always makes you breath hard. But tourists would always be shocked by the magnificent natural landscapes. Tourists could also have a look of the famous Hoh Xil Natural Reserve. You could even see herds of Tibetan antelopes if you are lucky enough.

In fact, Qinghai-Tibet Railway is a wonderful landscape itself. Tourists make a Tibet train tour could witness the highest bridge (with a pier of more than 50 meters high) of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The Qingshui River Bridge with a length of 11.7 kilometers looks like a rainbow crossing the Hoh Xil depopulated area. Besides, there are numerous tunnels in Kunlun Mountain, Fenghuo Mountain and Yampachen areas.

Besides, the snow-capped mountains and green plains, the gorgeous natural landscapes of holy lakes and mountains around the holy lake will also make tourists feel fresh and surprised.

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