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Tibet Tour from India - India to Kathmandu

Update: Sep. 6th, 2012

New Delhi

India is almost bordering on Tibet. Tibet tour from India usually via Kathmandu, Nepal, which collects many cultural relics on this route. There is no direct flight from India to Lhasa, Tibet. People need to get to Kathmandu, Nepal from India and then choose the way to Tibet, China, bus, car, or the airplane.

This route would be long but very religious as India, Nepal and Tibet are all believe in Buddhism. You will get your chance to have a glimpse of these cities and see what are the difference among these regions. As for how to get to Kathmandu, Nepal from India, and how to get to Tibet through Kathmandu, we listed some information for you.

India to Kathmandu, Nepal

As I mentioned above, this route is very long, but easy and challenging. You are highly suggested to go this route overland. There are two cities of India are recommended to you to get into Kathmandu, Nepal. If you still have other questions and need, you are welcomed to email us to know more.

One is Delhi. Firstly you need to get to Gorakhpur by Vaishali Express, which departs Delhi at around 19:45 and arrives at Gorakhpur Junction at about 09:10 next morning. Or there is another train departing from New Delhi at about 17:20 and arriving Gorakhpur at about 06:35 next morning for your reference. The fare is about RS 2440 in AC1, RS 1240 in AC2, RS 785 IN AC3 and RS 315 in Sleeper Class. (AC1 means Air-conditioned first class, AC2 means Air-conditioned 2-tier , and AC3 means Air-conditioned 3-tier)

Then take a bus or jeep from Gorakpur to the Nepalese frontier at Bhairawi/Sunauli. After few minutes walking from the frontier to the Sunauli bus station, you could take a bus or a jeep again to Kathmandu. There are some information prepared for you. Buses take 9-12 hours and cost about 120 Nepalese Rupees. The daily daytime buses leave regularly until about 11:00 or overnight buses leave regularly from abou 16:00 - 19:00.

Another city is Varanasi. It is also possible to get to Kathmandu via Varanasi. The direct buses from Varanasi to the Nepalese frontier at Sunauli take 9 hours and cost about RS 100. If you need to know the detailed information you are greatly welcome to contact us.

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