Tibet Tour from Beijing - Best Tips of Traveling in Beijing
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Tibet Tour from Beijing - Best Tips of Traveling in Beijing

Update: Sep. 6th, 2012

Beijing Great Wall

Best tips of traveling in Beijing provide not only the common knowledge of traffic, accommodation but also some detailed helpful tips of sightseeing, shopping, and eating in Beijing. Even it is your first time to visit Beijing you will quickly be enthralled by how fun and fascinating Beijing really can be. Tibet tour from Beijing will offer you a chance to have a glimpse of the real China, the combination of old times charm and modern vibrant night life in Beijing.

Tibet Tour from Beijing - Beijing Travel Tips

Prepare Tips of traveling in Beijing

Clothes in summer should be light and comfortable as they are easily washed and dried (cotton T-shirts are best). In winter, you should prepare some down garment of winter jacket, hat, scarf, gloves, and ear protectors. In spring and autumn the warm and washable clothes, comfortable jacket, sweater, coat are necessary. Other preparing things such as guide book, Beijing Map, small notebook are necessary. The things are also useful when start Tibet tour from Beijing.

Beijing accommodation & hotel tips

You should pay attention to the factors of Beijing hotels like area options, hotel standards, star system of Beijing hotels, something different between your favorable Beijing hotels, booking service, payment way, hidden extras, seasonal demand, traveling with kids and olds, and tipping.

Beijing Traffic Tips

Tibet tour from Beijing pays attention to Beijing traffic as tourists finally will get to the railway station of Beijing's or the airport. How to get to railway station or airport of Beijing? The guide of Tibettour.com could help tourists of Tibet tour from Beijing get you from and back the airport / railway station or just travel through this city.

Beijing Food Tips

As a capital since ancient dynasties, Beijing owns the advanced condition to have the unique flavor and most of the tasty of China could be found here. Nowadays, tourists enjoy not only the sightseeing of Beijing, but also the famous Chinese cuisine.

Beijing Sightseeing Tips

A guide book and a map, as well as a small notebook are most recommended to you. But we kindly suggest you to avoid the crowds.

Beijing Safety Tips

Beijing is a very safe city in the world. But we also kindly suggest you to pay attention to your wallet, bags, and strangers.

Beijing Shopping Tips

Most of Beijing big stores and supermarkets have fixed prices but you could enjoy haggling at the back streets. In fact, it is a very real life style of ordinary Chinese people.

Beijing Customs Tips

There are some useful notes of traveling in Beijing. Beijing travel notes will help tourists understand this city well. If you bring more than US$10,000 in cash to China, you have to register it. You are not allowed to import live animals, fresh produce, or printed matter deemed seditious or pornographic. Be sure that you don't have any stuffs that criticizes Chinese government. You are not allowed to export Chinese antiques over 150 years old or others deemed valuable.

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