The History of Lhamo La-tso Lake
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The History of Lhamo La-tso Lake

Update: Sep. 26th, 2013

Lhamo La-tso Lake

The fame of Lhamo La-tso Lake is well known for its mysterious legend and highly respected by Tibetan Buddhist believers. It is proud of a huge influence in Tibet Buddhism culture. It is said that pilgrims who come to pray to Lhamo La-tso Lake could see its past life and current life if they are deeply devout. And one more important thing is, Tibetan followers will figure out the next reincarnated soul boy of Dalai Lama's and Panchen Lama's through this lake. Such the things make Lhamo La-tso play a very important role in Tibetan history. If you have enough time, Lhamo La-tso Lake is recommended to you during Tibet tour.

The History of Lhamo La-tso Lake

Even though Lhamo La-tso Lake is not as wide as Namtso Lake, or glamorous as Yamdrok Lake, or changeable as Baksumtso, it is highly respected by Tibetan followers. But why? It must be a long and age-old history.

Before the 2nd Dalai Lama - Gendun Gyatso acknowledged by Gelug Sect, he had traveled the most areas of the southern Tibet. He learned a lot and visited many great Buddhist masters along the way. When he comes to the middle age, he became a popular great master, too. Just like what other Buddhist masters do, he established a monastery with the financial support of local landlord, that was Qyongogye Monastery.

Qyongogye Monastery is located in Qyongogye village the deep area of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. It is a very small village.

In AD1509, Gendun Gyatso came here and found that the terrain here shaped like a lotus with 8 petals. The sky over the village shaped like a great religious instruments. Hence, this small village was believed to be a very propitious place for self-cultivation. And then, Qyongogye Monastery was built. A huge Maitreya Statue was shrined and worshiped in the monastery. The statue implied a wonderful and bright future.

Lhamo La-tso Lake is available behind the monastery. Due to advocate Qyongogye Monastery, Lhamo La-tso Lake was considered as the sole lake of Palden Lhamo (important woman immortal). Palden Lhamo was the Buddhist mother of Yamantaka (highly respected by Gelug Sect). Hence, Palden Lhamo became more popular and respected by Dalai Lama, Gelug Sect and even the whole Tibetan people. After Dalai Lama died, people would like to come here for asking the next reincarnated soul boy.

Since the reincarnation of the 3rd Dalai Lama, the reincarnated system has been confirmed and succeeded successfully. After Dalai Lama or Panchen Lama died, all people come here to figure out the next reincarnated soul boy. Year after year, Gongogye village and Lhamo La-tso Lake became the most scared place for Tibetan Buddhists.

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