Songtsen Gampo Story in Tibet History
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Songtsen Gampo Story in Tibet History

Update: Sep. 22nd, 2013

Songtsen Gampo

Tibetan legends and history had been succeeded by oral tradition till it comes to Songtsen Gampo's times. During the reign of Songtsen Gampo, Tibetan characters have been created and used to record Tibetan history. Many stories and legends could be verified it it is true, or not. I think you will hear about Songtsen Gampo during Tibet tour if you meet and talk with local Tibetans as he is greatly respected by them.

Songtsen Gampo Story in Tibet History

Until Songtsen Gampo throned in Tibet history, there was a huge change in Tibet. The statue of Songtsen Gampo is still preserved well in Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple.

Songtsen Gampo was born in the eastern region of Lhasa City, AD 617. It is said that there was a Buddha statue over Songtsen Gampo's head. Hence, we can figure out which one is the statue of Songtsen Gampo based on this hanging Buddha statue.

When Songtsen Gampo was a child, his father had already conquer many tribes and expanded their territory. Till AD 629, the territorial expansion did not ended until his father was murdered. Songtsen Gampo was only 13 years old at that time. He made great efforts to strengthen the military force and finally unify the whole Tibet region. He was highly respected as the real leader of Tibet.

During the reign of Songtsen Gampo, one officer was appointed to go to India to learn the characters which was succeeded till now. In the mean time, he got married with Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty. He established many regulations and started consolidated his regime. Then the complete and centralized powerful government was established.

Marry Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty and Princess Chizun of Nepal

You must be told by your guide that Buddhism has been introduced by Songtsen Gampo. But why? As a matter of fact, there was only one great religion in Tibet area - Bon Sect before Buddhism introduced into Tibet. All the Tibetans believed Bon Sect, so that it threatened Songtsen Gampo. Sometimes the decisions of Songtsen Gampo could be negatived by the leader of Bon Sect. Hence, Songtsen Gampo decided to find another religion to balance Bon Sect and changed the situation.

Tang Dynasty and Nepal were two neighbour counties of Tibet at that time. The Buddhism culture was praised highly in those two countries. Thus, Songtsen Gampo asked for marriage respectively with Tang Dynasty and Nepal. Then, the Buddhism could be introduced into Tibet with the princesses.

Though it was not easy to marry with Princess Wencheng of Tang Dynasty, Songtsen Gampo finally won in AD641. With the coming of Princess Wencheng, lots of Confucian classics, the 12-year-old statue of Sakyamuni, many craftsmen as well as large numbers of medicine books and so on were introduced into Tibet, too.

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