Shannan Tour – Tips of Visiting Trandruk Monastery
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Shannan Tour – Tips of Visiting Trandruk Monastery

Update: Dec. 7th, 2012

Trandruk Monastery

Shannan Tour – Brief Introduction of Trandruk Monastery

The Trandruk Monastery is the first chapel of Tibet. It was built in Tubo Period. It is said that Princess Wencheng ever stopped there to practice Buddhism. Although Trandruk Monastery is not very large, its status in Tibetan Buddhism is irreplaceable. The historical relics and treasure in the Trandruk will deeply impress viewers. The treasure of Trandruk Monastery - pearl Thangka is kept in room on second floor of main hall. The room is locked at the time with fewer visitors. If you want to enjoy this wonderful work, please ask the keeper to open the door when you visit the Trandruk Monastery. As a must-visit sight spot in Shannan, it is really worth visiting in your Shannan tour.

Shannan Tour – Transportation to Shannan

There are two mini buses to Trandruk Monastery directly in Tsedang Town. The price of bus ticket is 1 CNY per person. The Trandruk Monastery is 2 kilometers away from Tsedang Town. It is a good choice to trek to Trandruk Monastery. In addition, there are taxies available. The cost of taking taxi to Trandruk Monastery is 10 CNY to 15 CNY. Furthermore, you also can take tricycle to visit the Trandruk Monastery. The cost of round journey is about 30 CNY.

There are mini buses on Naidong Road, and the Trandruk Monastery is the master station. The price of bus ticket is 2 CNY per person. The cost of taking taxi or tricycle is about 10 CNY. The Trandruk Monastery is 5 kilometers away from Naidong Road. It needs about one hour walking to Trandruk Monastery.

Shannan Tour – Entrance Ticket and Opening Time of Trandruk Monastery

The entrance ticket of Trandruk Monastery is 35 CNY per person. The Trandruk Monastery opens at 9 o'clock in the morning and closes at 6 o'clock in the evening. In general, it will need one and half hour to enjoy the whole monastery.

Shannan Tour – Dining at Trandruk Monastery

There are many restaurants supplying Sichuan dishes in Tsedang. The price of dishes in these restaurants is reasonable.

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