Shannan Tour – Art, Nationality and Festival of Shannan
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Shannan Tour – Art, Nationality and Festival of Shannan

Update: Dec. 6th, 2012

Zhuoxie Dance

Shannan Tour – Art

"Qiangmu" is a kind of ancient song and dance performance which widely spread in areas inhabited by people of the Tibetan and Mongolian. It originated in the Samye Monastery, on north bank of Yarlong Zanpo River. In 8th century, after the Samye Monastery completed, the Padmasambhava created and rehearsed this kind of dance with mask and religious costume to celebrate the victory of Buddhism in the battle of Buddhism and Bon Religion. This dance was first performed on the inauguration of Samye Monastery. This dance spread to Yarlong from Samye Monastery soon, and then spread to other prefectures of Tibet.

"Zhuoxie" is a kind of square dance with tying a flat drum on the waist and using two bent drum sticks to beat the drum. This kind of dance was popular in Yarlong and other prefectures of Tibet in 17th century. It was not only performed on the inauguration of Samye Monastery, but also on the wedding of Songtsen Ganpo and Princess Wencheng. It remains perennially fresh after thousand years and shows exuberant vitality.

Shannan Tour – Nationality

Shannan is located in the river valley from Gandise Range to south of Nyainqêntanglha Range, mid stream of Yarlung Zanpo River, southern border of Tibet. There are 12 counties, 24 towns, 56 countries and 596 administrative villages in Shannan. It covers 79,700 square meters. The total population of Shannan is 330,000. There are Tibetan, Han Nationality, Menba Nationality, Luoba Nationality and other 14 nationalities.

Shannan Tour – Festival

There are several distinctive festivals in Shannan, such as Yarlong Cultural Festival, Materials Exchange Fair, Worshipping Festival, etc. If you come across these festivals in your Shannan tour, you will be deeply impressed by the hilarious festival atmosphere.

Yarlong Cultural Festival

Time: July 25th – July 27th

During the Yarlong Cultural Festival, there are various national sports games, performances of national songs and dances, performance of Tibetan opera and colorful fashion shows.

Shannan Materials Exchange Fair

Time: December 1st – December 7th

The Materials Exchange Fair which focuses on exchange of goods started in 1981. In this period, resident around Shannan and many merchants from other prefectures will gather in Shannan. The ancient Tsedang will become very hilarious.

Worshipping Festival

Time: August 3rd

Tibetan Buddhism believers think August 3rd is the day of Sakyamun first opened altar to give sermons. So, Buddhism believers will dress new clothes to worship mountains and visit monasteries, and then fully drink wine, sing songs and dance.

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