Preparation of Mt. Everest Tour
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Preparation of Mt. Everest Tour

Update: Nov. 13th, 2012

Preparation of Mt. Everest Tour

For tourists planning a Mt. Everest tour, a good preparation before the trip is of great importance for a perfect Tibet tour. As a professional Tibet tour operator, Tibet tour would like to provide a preparation list for tourists' reference.

Preparation of Mt. Everest Tour – Clothes

As we all known, there is a big temperature difference between day and night on Tibet Plateau. For tourists planning a Mt. Everest tour, some comfortable walking shoes and sport wear should be prepared since it might involves some trekking activities. There is strong sunshine in July in Lhasa. There is a 10? temperature difference between day and night. The cotton-padded clothes are needed in northern Tibet all year around since the highest temperature here is only 6? – 10? and it even snows in July and August. It is even colder when it rains or snows in the night (especially in winter), so the down jacket, thick sweater, gloves and warm shoes are needed for tourists planning a Tibet tour in winter.

Preparation of Mt. Everest Tour – Medicines

The high altitude and low oxygen content in the air make most of the tourists catch different degrees of altitude sickness when they firstly arrive in Tibet. To better adjust to the plateau environment and avoid possible sickness during the Mt. Everest tour, some commonly used medicines should be prepared. Antidiarrheal medicines (diarrhea might occur since the potable water might not be so boiled due to the atmospheric pressure), Vitamin C (it could enhance your body resistance), Lip Protector (it will protect your lip from being cracked), Antalgica (severe headaches might occur because of the altitude sickness), High-calorie Food, Anti-anoxia Medicines and Rhodiola (insist on taking in some Rhodiola several days before you enter into Tibet will lighten your altitude sickness greatly).

Preparation of Mt. Everest Tour – Food

Tourists planning a Mt. Everest tour should prepare some high-calorie food (such as chocolate) before the trip. Sometimes, the accommodation condition is quite limited during the trip. Taking some solid food into the pack is of great significance in energy supplement. It should be noted that some of the local Tibetan food (such as Tibetan butter tea and red meat) could help you to adapt to the plateau environment sooner and better.

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