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Perfect Lhasa Tibet Travel Plan Service

Update: Aug. 16th, 2012

Tibet Monastery

Every Tourist has their own Tibet travel before Tibet tour starts. How to make perfect Tibet travel plan? What should be included in this perfect Tibet travel plan? Budget, itinerary, hotel, car, food, accommodation, Tibet travel agency, transportation, tickets booking or more? Tibet travel service will show you a sample of the procedure of perfect Lhasa Tibet travel plan.

Perfect Lhasa Tibet Travel Plan - China Tibet Travel Service

Rough or exact Budget

Tourists should make a budget according to your duration and time of Tibet tour, the kind of Tibet tour you would prefer to, the specific way to Lhasa Tibet you will take.

For example, tourists would like to join a 4-Day Lhasa group tour in July, the rough budget is about US$520. The train tickets of hard sleeper from Beijing to Lhasa in July could be about US$ 120+ service charge, i.e., US$ 240 + service charge in return. Therefore the lowest budget is US$ 760 + Service charge + personal fees.

If you would like to have a private tour, the budget should be relatively higher.

Make sure the specific way to and out of Lhasa

Tourists always think about which specific way to and out of Lhasa is better. In fact, this issue could be thought according to your departure date and budget.

Tibet Travel service kindly suggest you take air in Lhasa and take the train out of Lhasa, as the train tickets from Lhasa to Beijing (or others) is much easier to book than the train tickets to Lhasa. And if you would like to book the air tickets to Lhasa, there is not any booking service charge.

Anyhow there are three ways for your reference: Take the train in and out of Lhasa, take the air in and train out of Lhasa (recommend), and take the air in and out of Lhasa.

Think about the duration of Tibet tour

The duration of Tibet tour should be make according to your rough budget.

Booking tickets

Firstly, make sure which specific way you would like to take. And then ask Tibet travel agency service to book it for you or do it on your own.

Know more about Tibet tour as much as you can

Tourists could know Tibet well before Tibet tour starts by books, TV, other tourists, etc. It is better for your perfect Tibet travel plan.

Make sure Tibet tour Itinerary

Tibet tour itinerary should be made by your planned Tibet tour duration which decided by Tibet tour budget.

Tibet travel service recommend some type of Tibet tour itineraries for your reference. The main worthy scenic spots are Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shigatse, Chamdo, Shannan, Namtso and Ngari.

Nyingchi and Chamdo

2 days: Basum Lake, Lulang Forest Sea

3 days: Basum Lake, Lulang Forest Sea, Namjagbarwa Peak, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

4 days: Basum Lake, Lulang Forest Sea, Bome, Ranwu Lake, Midui Glacier

5 days: Basum Lake, Lulang Forest Sea, Bome, Ranwu Lake, Midui Glacier, Laigu Glacier

6 days: Basum Lake, Lulang Forest Sea, Bome, Ranwu Lake, Midui Glacier, Namjagbarwa Peak, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Nanyigou.


Lhamo Latso, Lebugou, Zharigou, Samye Monastery, Yungbu Lakhang and so on.

Mt. Everest Base Camp and Namtso

Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Gyantse, Shigatse, Latse, Mt. Everest Base Camp, Mt. Everest Sightseeing platform, Nyingmu, Namtso, Mt. Tanggula and Yampajing Hot Spring.


Mt. Everest Base Camp, Shisapangma Peak, Mt. Kailash, Mapam Yumtso, Langtso, Pangongtso, Guge Kingdom, Kekexili area and so on.

Overland Tibet Tour Itinerary

The overland Tibet tour itinerary is Nyingchi - Shannan - Mt. Everest - Ngari - Namtso, which is perfect but spends long time (almost about 1 month) and much money.

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